’90 Day Fiancé’ Fans Call out Potthast Sisters’ Hypocrisy for Shaming Megan for Feet Pics

On 90 Day: Bares All, Elizabeth ‘Libby’ Castravet Potthast and her sisters, Rebekah ‘Becky’ Lichtwerch and Jenn ‘Jaylyn’ Davis Potthast, are shaming their brother, Charlie Potthast’s wife, Megan Potthast, for selling feet pictures online. However, 90 Day Fiancé fans are coming for the Potthast sisters for being hypocrites. All three of the 90 Day Fiancé sisters and Andrei Castravet have their OnlyFans accounts where they sell photos of themselves.

Jenn, Becky, Elizabeth Potthast sitting together on a couch alongside Andrei Castravet on '90 Day: Bares All'
Jenn, Becky, Elizabeth Potthast and Andrei Castravet on ’90 Day: Bares All’ | discovery+

The Potthast sisters mock Megan on ’90 Day: Bares All’ for selling feet pics online

During the Sept 12th episode of 90 Day: Bares All, the host, Shaun Robinson, asked Megan about her “side hustle.” Megan said during the tell-all episode, and she was back in the hotel room “selling foot pictures.” She explained, “I get requests for different pictures. I sell them and make money.” She said that she had sometimes made $1,000 a day selling pictures of herself online.

Megan defended herself, saying, “If people like my feet, some people have foot fetishes, why not make money?” She said, “I would’ve never thought I could make money from selling foot pictures, but foot modeling is a thing.” Megan then revealed that she actually got into selling photos of herself through the Potthast sisters. She said that all three of them started selling photos of themselves on OnlyFans accounts “many months” before she decided to join.

Megan said, “So they can call me trash all they want, but they started before me.” However, Becky jumped in, wanting to clarify. She said, “I’ve never in my whole life taken a picture of my foot or feet and sent them to a random person for money.” Jenn also said that she’s never done that either. That’s when Becky tells Megan not to spread false information about her, or she will sue her.

’90 Day Fiancé’ fans are calling out the Potthast sisters for being hypocrites

90 Day Fiancé fans were calling out Libby, Becky, Jenn, and Andrei for being hypocritical. One Instagram user wrote on the clip of the show, “U have to be kidding me. Libby and her sister have an OF [OnlyFans] account, and they post pics that are not only feet duh!!”

Another user commented, “I am sorry but doesn’t everyone, including Andrei, have an Only fans so in that case, they are all the same” More fans came to Megan’s defense, pointing out that Libby, Jenn, Becky, and Andrei all have their own OnlyFans account. A fan wrote, “I don’t understand they literally are all on a website and have shown their body parts, so how are they all sitting there judging Megan? They are jealous that she made more money than they did?”

The Potthast sisters and Andrei have Only Fans accounts to sell photos of themselves

However, how untrue is it? Well, Libby has an OnlyFans account where she posts risqué bikini and lingerie pics for a fee of $12.95 a month. Jenn has an OnlyFans account, where she is charging $14.99 a month for a subscription. Becky also has an OnlyFans account, where she charges $15 a month for sexy photos. Even Andrei has an OnlyFans that is available for $10 a month.

While Megan admitted that she does do topless photos from time to time, however, Andrei says that her sister-in-law is “a porno star” and that there have been compromising videos of her that he’s personally seen. However, Andrei also said that he has never sold photos of his feet online. But Andrei has photos (that are only visible if you’re subscribed) captioned on his OnlyFans “for my feet freaks” and “for the feet lovers.”

That’s why many 90 Day Fiancé fans call out Libby, Jenn, Becky, and Andrei for being hypocritical. 90 Day: Bares All brought a lot to light about the Potthast and Castravet family that some people would rathered have stayed hidden.

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