’90 Day Fiancé’ Fans React to Babygirl Lisa Hamme Getting Fired for Using the N-Word

Lisa Hamme was one of the breakout stars of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. Her journey to wed Usman Umar has been controversial right from the start and the audience has been enthralled. However, Hamme has come under fire recently after allegedly using the n-word which reportedly forced TLC to fire her. Now, fans are reacting to that decision made by the cable network.

Lisa Hamme
Lisa Hamme from ’90 Day Fiancé’ | via Instagram @baby_girl_lisa_2020

Why is Lisa Hamme so popular?

Hamme was introduced to the 90 Day Fiancé family this season as she looked to wed her boyfriend that lived in Nigeria. Their age difference was controversial and being that he’s a famous musical talent in his country, only made this storyline that much more rich.

What kept this couple in the minds of viewers was Hamme’s jealousy outbursts. The TLC star was not afraid to show her raw emotions on camera and there were many of them. One of the biggest fights they had was due to a model that appeared on the rapper’s music video. Hamme made “Sojaboy” edit her out of the video as the song was supposedly about her and the model looked nothing like her.

Usman conceded and had the director remove the scenes from the video to appease his future wife.

Getting the blessing of Usman’s mother is an important part of his culture. Although his mom disapproved of him getting married to Hamme, she ultimately accepted it. At the end of the season, Usman and Hamme tied the knot.

Lisa Hamme uses the n-word

Fans of 90 Day Fiancé are committed to the show completely and stars of the reality series are closely followed on social media. Days ahead of the Tell-All premiering, footage was leaked online. In the video, Usman exposed Hamme for using the n-word.

“Lisa, last week you called me n***** which I know is totally inappropriate in America. You called me n*****, I don’t even get angry about it because I am used to how you are behaving,” he said.


TLC cut this segment from what viewers were able to watch on television. Now, there are sources saying that Hamme was been fired from the show for using the racial slur.

Hamme was to appear in a new spin-off series called 90 Day Fiancé Strikes Back, where the stars read and reply to social media comments. Due to TLC distancing themselves from Hamme, Soap Dirt is reporting that they are removing her from the specials as well.

Fans Strike Back

After the report of Hamme being cut from the 90 Day Fiancé family, fans were quick to react about the news.

“Bye, this chick from the word GO is/has been the worst,” a fan wrote about Hamme being fired from the show.

“I think this is a move that should’ve happened a while ago,” a viewer added. “Her racist mindset shouldn’t have a platform.”

“I’m glad to hear Lisa and Usman have been fired,” a Twitter user mentioned. “Hold them accountable for breaking the NDA and using racial slurs.”

Hamme has not addressed her being cut from TLC on her social media accounts online.