’90 Day Fiancé’: Fans React to Angela Deem Having a Procedure With Laughing Gas

On 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, Angela Deem has to go through the ordeal of an uncomfortable procedure. Luckily she is able to use laughing gas to make things a little easier for her. Read on to learn how things went and how fans are reacting to the whole thing.

Angela Deem goes in for a procedure

Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi
Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi | deemangela via Instagram

Angela goes in for an endometrial biopsy at her gynecologist’s office. She went to the doctor a few weeks ago and she says the doctor saw some “unusual cells.” To rule out cancer, Angela has to go through a painful ordeal. Obviously it’s a little nerve-racking for her, as it would be for anyone.

The doctor explains the biopsy is done with a tiny tube that goes up through the cervix to get a sample. Angela gets ready for the procedure and lays down. She screams from the pain, and the doctor decides to use nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, to help relax Angela during the procedure.

The doctor says that nitrous oxide isn’t usually necessary for this type of procedure and she’s never had to use it before during one. Angela starts laughing and she also asks why they didn’t use this stuff from the beginning. “Well, cause most people don’t need this,” the doctor says.

Angela is clearly having a good time now and she starts laughing even after the procedure is done. She can’t stop laughing and the doctor says it will be out of her system in a few minutes.

Fans react to Angela Deem having a procedure with laughing gas

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Fans have a lot of feelings when it comes to Angela’s procedure at the doctor’s office. Fans seem to think the doctor was throwing out shade at Angela for needing to use the laughing gas.

“Angela’s doctor is sending me. Sis be throwing all types of shade! These looks on her face!!!” a Twitter user said.

Another fan noticed as well. “Angela’s gyno is, like, usually we don’t need to drug people…” a fan wrote on Twitter.

One fan thinks it’s a good idea to go through this procedure to find out if it’s cancer or not. “Angela is talking about having a baby and she is screaming about this cancer check. I bet it sucks, but you need to know if you have cancer,” a Twitter user and fan wrote.

A fan asked for retweets if other fans had to fast forward through the appointment at the gynecologist. “Retweet if you fast-forwarded through every bit of footage of Angela at the gynecologist,” said a Twitter user.

One fan thought it was hilarious when Angela offers the doctor some of the nitrous oxide. “Lol Angela is so nice she is offering the doctor some of the gas thing,” said a Twitter user.

Fans have a lot of thoughts when it comes to Angela’s procedure at the doctor’s office. Hopefully, she’ll get good results from it.