’90 Day Fiancé’: Fans React to Kenneth’s Proposal to Armando — Did He Say Yes?

On 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, Kenneth Niedermeier is finally in Mexico with Armando Rubio. He leaves his entire life in St. Petersburg, FL to relocate with his dog, Truffles, to be with Armando. The time has finally come for Kenneth to propose to Armando, and it seriously couldn’t have been a more perfect moment. Fans can’t stop talking about how it all went down. Did Armando say yes? Read on to find out.

Kenneth decides to propose to Armando

Kenneth and Armando
’90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way’ stars Kenneth and Armando | TLC

Kenneth drives across the country with Truffles to begin a life with Armando. Their love is definitely real, and their first embrace couldn’t have been more perfect. The long-awaiting reunion is the start of something great. “You made my dreams come true,” Armando tells Kenneth.

Now that Kenneth is moved into his new apartment with Armando, he feels the time is right for him to propose marriage. He meets up with his two daughters, Taylor and Cassidy, to discuss his plans and get some help for the very special occasion. They go scope out the perfect spot for the proposal, since Kenneth plans to propose to Armando on the rocks on a beautiful beach.

“I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time,” Kenneth tells the cameras. “When I came out in 1988, HIV/AIDS was running rampant. And by the early 90s, 80% of the people I knew were dead. And it’s hard because you’d like to go back and talk to some of these people that you came out with and tell them the world’s changed for the better. So this is actually a big deal. I want my daughters to see the love between Armando and I firsthand, and then maybe they can understand even better why I left.”

Kenneth gets his daughters to gather people nearby so they can clap for Armando and make him feel even more special. This is going to be a very eventful moment for everyone involved.

What does Armando say?

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Kenneth takes Armando out for a nice dinner, but it’s a surprise as to where they’re headed. Kenneth takes him to the beach area along some rocks near the restaurant. He says they’re going to take some pictures before dinner, but Kenneth has something else planned.

“Do you remember like the first time we came here, and you said about our future, and it’s as wide as the ocean. I’m totally committed to you for life, but there’s something I want to ask you,” Kenneth tells Armando. “And I want to ask you if you will marry me.”

Armando asks Kenneth if he’s serious, and he starts to cry. “Of course, yes,” Armando exclaims as they kiss and embrace. “I want to be with you for the rest of my life.”

It’s a truly magical moment, but it actually gets even better when Kenneth’s daughters and some other people react from the top of the cliff.

Fans react to Kenneth’s proposal to Armando

As you can imagine, fans couldn’t be happier about this engagement. The couple has been together for three and a half years, and it’s clear they are more than ready to take that next step together. A fan on Reddit recently shared a screenshot of Armando’s post to Instagram about their engagement. “The shining light of 2020 tbh,” the post is titled.

Fans seem to agree, and they’re filled with joy for Kenneth and Armando. “So happy for these two! They are grounded, and, although I like them both, there is something very special about Armando. A kindness/wisdom that is beyond his years,” a Reddit user said.

Another fan thinks Armando’s reaction was the best. “Omg I wanted to hug Armando after his reaction. He seems like such a sweet person,” a fan wrote.

One fan wants to hug Kenneth and Armando and be friends with them as well. And let’s face it, who wouldn’t want that? “I wanted to hug them both. And be friends with them,” the Reddit user said.

A fan cried while watching the proposal, and who can blame them? “I cried during the live proposal and Pillow Talk. 😭 These two just touch my soul,” a fan wrote.

Yet another fan cried as well. “I seriously bawled during the proposal,” they admitted.

Fans are genuinely happy for the couple. “I’m so happy for them! They are such a wonderful couple! Love them,” another fan said.

“Just watched that. I am over the moon happy for them. I hope they have a long, beautiful life together,” a Reddit user said.

Fans are clearly ecstatic for Kenneth and Armando, and they’re hoping they have a happy and bright future together.