’90 Day Fiancé’: Fans React to Larissa Dos Santos Lima and Eric Getting Into a Major Argument

Larissa Dos Santos Lima and Eric Nichols have only recently gotten back together on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After, and there’s already trouble in paradise. After Larissa tells her roommate that she’s back with Eric, she gets kicked out. She ends up moving in with Eric, and almost immediately, there’s a huge fight.

Larissa Dos Santos Lima moves in with Eric

Eric Nichols and Larissa Dos Santos Lima
Eric Nichols and Larissa Dos Santos Lima | Bryan Steffy/WireImage

Larissa decides to get back together with her ex-boyfriend, Eric Nichols. Everything seems to be going great, until Larissa comes clean to her roommate and friend, Carmen, about being back with Eric. Carmen doesn’t think it’s a good idea, and she kicks Larissa out.

With nowhere else to go, Larissa calls Eric, who decides to take her in. She even maneuvers her own room out of the deal, and things start to look up for Larissa. However, Larissa soon goes through Eric’s phone when he isn’t looking. She discovers texts between Eric and another woman while Larissa and Eric were broken up.

Larissa speaks with a woman from Eric’s past

After getting the woman’s number from Eric’s phone, Larissa calls her to get all the dirt. The woman, named Natalie, doesn’t hold back. “Eric has been saying to this girl that I’m a bad mother, that I don’t take showers,” Larissa tells the cameras. The woman details that Eric bashed her to both her and his parents. He even mentioned stuff involving their “intimacy,” which shocks Larissa.

Larissa and Eric get into a huge argument

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She decides to confront Eric about what she’s learned, and it doesn’t go well at all. Eric says they were broken up at the time that he spoke to this woman, which is true. However, that doesn’t seem to matter to Larissa.

“You agreed that once we got back together, whatever happened in our past during our time of when we were broken up, it would not affect what we are doing now,” Eric tells Larissa. She believes he “hates” her, and asks him why. There’s yelling involved, and things escalate quickly.

Things get so heated between them that Larissa actually asks Eric if he’s going to call the cops. “I may have talked about some sort of sexual relationship between Larissa and I, but we had an agreement that if anything were to come up after her and I got back together, we would discuss it like adults,” Eric admits to the cameras. “And I don’t feel like we’ve been able to discuss this like adults.”

Fans react to Larissa and Eric’s explosive argument

Fans didn’t hold back on Reddit with their reactions to this major disagreement between Larissa and Eric. One fan hopes Larissa gets out of there soon. “I hope Larissa gets the hell out of there,” a Reddit user said.

A fan commented on when Eric said he wanted to talk like adults, yet he’s “freaking out” at the same time. “Eric wants to talk like adults, but he is also freaking out,” a fan wrote.

One fan thinks the storyline involving Larissa and Eric has to be fake. “Is anyone actually buying this Larissa/Eric storyline?” a Reddit user said.

A Reddit user says they don’t really like Larissa, but they “feel bad” for her. “I don’t even like Larissa but I feel bad for her right now. She looks so dead and sad and just not giving a f***,” they wrote.

Another fan seems to agree. “I’m finding myself feeling… slightly bad for Larissa. Something’s happening,” the fan said.

Larissa gave Eric a phone that she says she let him borrow, but he insists she gave it to him. She took it from him, and it’s yet to be determined how that will play out. “You gave it as a gift, it is legally not yours anymore,” a Reddit user said about the phone. “Larissa is just begging someone to call the cops on her for the fourth time.”

Fans have a lot of thoughts when it comes to Larissa and Eric’s huge argument. Will their relationship survive the drama? Only time will tell.