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On 90 Day Fiancé and its spinoffs, there have been a lot of memorable couples, but one of the most recognizable to this day are Paola and Russ Mayfield. They became known to fans when they appeared in season 1 of 90 Day Fiancé. They have also made appearances on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After and Pillow Talk. Paola recently posted a rather revealing and intimate photo of the two of them, and it has fans talking.

Paola posted an image of herself and her husband, Russ Mayfield

Paola Mayfield and Russ Mayfield
Paola Mayfield and Russ Mayfield | Amanda Edwards/Getty Images for Discovery, Inc.

In the new post, Russ can be seen lying on the couch with his shirt off. Paola is straddling him on top wearing shorts hiked up and a shirt showing off her abdomen. Both of the couple’s new tattoos are on full display on their upper arms, making for quite a sight. The couple has their eyes closed, and it’s truly a surprising thing to see.

“Love Hard, sleep tight 💖,” Paola captioned the post on Instagram. She also tagged the tattoo companies that completed their work as well.

Fans react to the new photo

Obviously, fans have a lot of thoughts when it comes to this new and rather intimate photo of the couple. Instagram users seem to be much more positive when it comes to the image as opposed to Reddit users overall.

One fan thinks Russ is “lucky.” “He’s a lucky lucky man,” the fan wrote on Instagram.

“One of my fav couples!” another fan said.

A fan thinks it’s obvious how much they love each other. “You two are awesome! You both work so hard in your relationship. You can see how much you love one another. ❤️,” they wrote.

“You guys are the best 💕😍,” someone else said.

A fan mentions the “passion” they couple has for each other. “I love the passion you still show for each other. That’s fire 🔥,” they said.

Fans on Reddit have thoughts as well


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On Reddit, a fan recently posted a screenshot of the post on Instagram, and fans didn’t hold back in the least. They were definitely as on board about the post.

A fan mentions when Russ would get upset at his wife for taking revealing photos as a model in the past. “Hey remember when [Russ] used to get so mad at Pao for taking photos like this? …, a fan said.

A number of fans wondered who actually took the photo. Some asked if their child, Axel, took it for his parents. “Did their baby take that photo?” someone asked.

“Is Axel taking the picture?” another fan asked.

A fan wonders how anyone can take a picture like that. “How do people even take this? I’d feel so dumb. Lol,” they wrote.

One fan is wondering what Russ’ family thinks of the image. “Wonder what [Russ’] family thinks of this shot? …” they asked.

Someone else wonders why someone would post this. “Gross! Why would anyone post such a thing?” they said.

“Oh god. They somehow manage to get cringier each time,” someone else said.

Another thinks the shot should be saved for OnlyFans.

Fans have a lot of opinions when it comes to Paola’s new post of her and Russ.