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90 Day Fiancé star Geoffrey Paschel has come under fire from the moment he first appeared on the show. Paschel has been accused of abuse by three of his former partners, though he’s always remained adamant that he never did anything wrong. Now, though, fans are taking a deeper look into his relationship with Varya on the show — and some think they spotted signs of abuse.

Geoffrey Paschel
Geoffrey Paschel | Geoffrey Paschel via Instagram

Geoffrey Paschel has been accused of abuse by three former partners

Paschel raised eyebrows when he was first brought onto the show; it didn’t take long for word to spread that he had quite a few accusations under his belt from past relationships. In 2019, Paschel’s ex-girlfriend accused him of domestic violence, saying he slammed her head against their hardwood floors and dragged her by her hair. She also claimed that he disabled her phone, which initially prevented her from calling 911. He’s denied all of the allegations. Paschel has also been accused of raping his ex-wives, though he once again denies that anything ever happened.   

He has taken to Instagram to proclaim his innocence

Since the news about Paschel’s past first broke, he’s taken to social media to stand up for himself. Paschel has posted various photos and videos, some with lengthy captions, to stand by his claims that he has done nothing wrong. On May 18, Paschel took to Instagram to show a preview of what a appeared to be a longer video “coming soon.” In the preview, Paschel said that he was “ready to get the truth out there.” The preview showed him sitting down and answering tough questions, such as whether he raped his ex-wives what exactly happened to his late son, Kazhem.

It’s unclear when the full video will be released, but fans of the show are certainly interested in what Paschel has to say — especially because some of them think they spotted signs of abuse in Pachel’s relationship with Varya on the show.

Fans think they spotted signs of abuse on the show

When Paschel and Varya were at the restaurant with her friends earlier in the season, it came out that she’d been talking to another American. And one Reddit user felt like Paschel exhibited signs of abuse when he learned the news. “When Geoff finds out that Varya had been talking to an American previously and loses his mind is a display of phase one in abusive behavior,” the user wrote. “His posturing was so aggressive, he was seething, he slammed a chair.”

Other Reddit users reflected on their own experiences with abuse and agreed that Paschel’s behavior exhibited signs. “Having been in an abusive marriage when I was much younger, that scene made me so uncomfortable,” someone replied. “I can relate! I think that’s why seeing that scene I was like “ope he’s abusive” and that was before I knew the allegations against him,” someone else added.

Paschel continues to fight for his innocence, though he revealed that his most recent court date was once again canceled due to the pandemic.