’90 Day Fiancé’ Fans Think Geoffrey Paschel May Have a New Lady in His Life

90 Day Fiancé fans are still in the dark about how Geoffrey Paschel’s love life turned out. Though he ended the season engaged to Varya Malina, his Russian girlfriend, there’s some question as to whether they’re still together.

Geoffrey Paschel
Geoffrey Paschel | Geoffrey Paschel via Instagram

Varya has been seen without her engagement ring from Geoffrey, and she doesn’t mention him much online. They also don’t follow each other on Instagram.

Geoffrey, Varya, and Mary

Fans will remember that, after Geoffrey proposed to Varya (the first time), she told him she wasn’t quite ready to get engaged. He then proceeded to ghost her and begin a relationship with a friend of his named Mary Wallace. But just when they began to explore their relationship, Varya surprised Geoffrey at his home in America to try and get their relationship back on track. It worked, and Geoffrey, unfortunately for Mary, started pursuing Varya again.

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While all of the other Season 4 couples got to tell the end of their love stories at the “Tell-All,” Geoffrey and Varya were infamously missing. Geoffrey was uninvited after fans discovered that he’d been accused of domestic assault. They started a petition to get him removed from the show and, shortly after, TLC uninvited the controversial contestant from the “Tell-All.” Varya says she was still invited, but she didn’t feel it’d be fair to go on the “Tell-All” without Geoffrey.

Some ’90 Day Fiancé’ fans have linked a woman named Shelby to Geoffrey

Since the show has ended, some fans think Geoffrey ended up with Mary, not Varya. But, now, fans are thinking Geoffrey could possibly have a whole new woman in his life.

“None of this is confirmed but I wanted to get your guys’ thoughts on this tea. So Shelby Bart has been commenting and defending Geoffrey on a lot of lives which got me curious to see who she was to Geoffrey. Her recent story picture looks like she’s on Geoffrey’s couch. Geoffrey and his son, Dakota both follow her and like her photos. Igor (Geoffrey’s good friend) also follows her. What do you guys think? Are they together or is this coincidence?” wrote a 90 Day Fiancé meme account, tote_the_memes.

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Several fans agreed that the couch Shelby is on does indeed look a lot like Geoffrey’s couch.

“It has already been established that Geoffrey jumps from woman to woman with ease,” commented one fan.

One fan guessed they could be “fwb” (friends with benefits).

“possibly or more. I don’t think his son would follow a girl who’s just his fwb tho,” responded the meme account.

This, of course, is just a fan theory. Neither Geoffrey nor Varya have confirmed that they ended their engagement. And Geoffrey has not said that he’s dating anyone new. But until the reality stars make a statement concerning their relationship statuses, we’re sure fans will keep making guesses.

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