’90 Day Fiancé’: Fernanda Flores Accuses Ex Jonathan Rivera of Abuse

Mere months after formalizing their marriage, Fernanda Flores and Jonathan Rivera of 90 Day Fiancé decided to split. Fans were shocked. Unfortunately, this is not an amicable split. Flores shocked fans even further when she released an approximately 40-minute long video detailing her side of the relationship, and what went wrong.

Suffice it to say, Flores’ accusations are of a very serious nature. Flores details claims that Rivera was physically, verbally, and mentally abusive, controlled her money, and was largely unfaithful.

Was Rivera faithful?

Fernandes Flores and Jonathan Rivera kicked off their 90 Day Fiancé relationship in the rockiest of ways. Flores moved into a new home with Rivera, and claims she immediately found women’s underwear, adult toys, and adult movies in his home. Obviously not a sign of fidelity. However, the couple kept their relationship going.

Fernanda Flores has also found an empty condom wrapper in Rivera’s office, as well as catching him dancing with a woman at a club.

According to Flores, once 90 Day Fiancé started airing, Rivera also began to interact with an alarming number of female fans over social media. He claimed, however, that he was simply conversing with fans.

Rivera allegedly denied her access to money and therapy

According to Fernanda Flores, it doesn’t end with the alleged infidelity. In fact, Jonathan Rivera had full control over Flores’ finances — a challenging situation for Flores, who was already feeling isolated in her new home.

In her video, Flores states, “When I came, my English was literally zero.” Add to that the fact that Flores couldn’t drive in the U.S., and you’ll see that she truly was dependent on Rivera for most of her needs.

Flores went on to explain how their financial arrangement made matters worse. “He wouldn’t let me have my own money [or] account,” explained Flores. “If my family sent me money, my family had to send money to him and he gave it to me. So he literally had control of my money, where I go, what I do, with who I talk, everything.”

Beyond that, Rivera also allegedly refused to help Flores with her mental health. She claims she opened up to Rivera about a battle with depression and her desire to attend therapy, and that he more or less ignored her. “He wasn’t taking that seriously,” Flores’ friend said in the video. “When you’re like that you need someone there to comfort and talk to you. She said one night she was by herself and she had the thought of taking a razor and cutting her wrist.”

Was Rivera physically abusive?

Fernanda Flores goes on to accuse Jonathan Rivera of being verbally and mentally abusive. She said, “The mental abuse became verbal abuse. He would tell me I’m lazy, I’m so skinny, making me not feel attractive to him anymore. ‘You don’t have a reason to feel that way, you have everything you need.’ He would be like, ‘Help yourself Fernanda.”

According to Flores, it wasn’t long before that transformed into physical abuse. When Flores found the opened condom wrapper in Rivera’s office, he allegedly flipped out. “His reaction: Grab me from the neck and push me to the wall,” said Flores.

Flores also detailed a time when she had a conversation with another man in Spanish, and Rivera assumed the worst. His reaction in that scenario was to drag her to the car and allegedly push her face out the window.

Rivera defended himself to Us Weekly, saying, “These allegations are completely false and my attorney will now be handling the situation. Clearly, she will do whatever she has to in order to stay in this country.”