’90 Day Fiancé’: Florian Reveals Shocking Information to His New Wife About What Happened With Another Woman

In the new series Darcey & Stacey, Stacey Silva is dealing with a whole lot of drama. Although she’s now married to Florian Sukaj, there seems to be nothing but drama going on.

After Florian was pictured in photos with another woman that were posted online, more and more information keeps coming to light. This week, Florian comes clean and reveals some truly shocking information to his wife about what went on with a woman named Shanti.

Darcey Silva and Stacey Silva
Darcey Silva and Stacey Silva | Brad Barket/Getty Images for Discovery, Inc.

Stacey Silva keeps learning new information about Florian Sukaj

Before Florian even landed in the United States, Darcey Silva, Stacey’s twin sister, finds images of him online with another woman. Stacey herself then finds a video posted of Florian by the same woman he was pictured with, named Shanti. In the video, the woman behind the camera says, “My sweet,” while filming. Florian can be seen lounging on a bed, and when he notices that he’s being filmed, he says, “What f****** are you doing there?” The video cuts off, but it leads to a lot of questions.

Darcey recently received an email from Shanti, in which she shared videos that she says are of Florian. In one, Shanti and a man are together and sitting pretty close to each other. It’s unclear by the angle if it’s really Florian or not, but the second video clearly shows Florian with Shanti doing what looks like pretending to have intercourse.

Obviously, Darcey shows Stacey, who is utterly shocked by this new information. After initially taking some time apart from Florian, Stacey talks things out with him again, and he reveals that nothing else happened with the woman. He says that he didn’t have intercourse with her, but he did see her on two different occasions.

Florian reveals shocking information about what happened with another woman

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Later on, Stacey and Florian meet up with her friends, Debbie and Reina, along with Darcey and her boyfriend, Georgi Rusev. However, Shanti gets brought up, including the new videos that surfaced. Things heat up, and Florian says he was a “little bit drunk.” Stacey and Florian walk away and take a moment to themselves, and Florian reveals some truly surprising information.

They go off by themselves, and the truth comes out. Florian tells her that he didn’t tell Stacey everything. “I have something to tell, everything,” Florian reveals. He goes on to say, “I’m hurt in my heart. Every time I keep something, you understand? I like to tell you the truth.”

Stacey is clearly upset, and wants to know “how much worse” it can get. He says he loves her, and Stacey tells him to just tell her. “I just kiss her,” Florian reveals. “Kiss her a little bit. Kiss her.”

Stacey says she doesn’t care, then asks if it was “passionate.”

“Kiss her, I don’t feel any passion,” Florian tells her. He says he felt “nothing important. I don’t feel any love.”

Stacey asks again if they had intercourse, and yet again he says they didn’t. Florian admits that he’s sorry, but that obviously doesn’t make it any easier for Stacey to deal with. There seems to be new information every time an episode comes on.

Stacey tells the cameras that she can’t take anymore, and she won’t “stand for it anymore.” They hug it out, and Stacey and Florian rejoin her friends at the table like nothing happened.

What does this mean for the future of Stacey and Florian’s relationship? Only time will tell.