’90 Day Fiancé’: Did Geoffrey Paschel Just Hint on Social Media That He and Varya Malina Broke Up?

90 Day Fiancé fans still don’t know who Geoffrey Paschel ended up with. Throughout the fourth season of Before the 90 Days, Geoffrey predominantly focused on his relationship with Varya Malina, his girlfriend from Russia. But when he proposed to her in her home country she said “not now” instead of “yes.”

A short time later, Geoffrey began dating a friend of his named Mary Wallace. Geoffrey and Mary dated until Varya showed up at Geoffrey’s door in America in an effort to get their relationship back on track. To Mary’s dismay, Geoffrey promptly got back together with Varya and even proposed a second time. This time, she said “yes.”

Geoffrey Paschel
Geoffrey Paschel of ’90 Day Fiancé’ | Geoffrey Paschel via Instagram

Why ’90 Day Fiancé’ fans don’t know if Geoffrey Paschel is with Mary Wallace or Varya Malina

During the “Tell-All,” fans learned about what came of all the Season 4 couples. But Geoffrey, Varya, and Mary were all notably missing. Geoffrey was uninvited from the “Tell-All” because fans discovered that he’s been accused of domestic assault.

“I feel that the network has bowed down to the pressure of a few thousand people as opposed to the 3 million people that watch the show, which is unfortunate. We’re in a different time now. The whole Me Too movement and whatever. So there’s a lot of pressure to cower to the minority and wanting to make sure that they’re not making the wrong decision,” Geoffrey said of the network’s decision in an interview with The Domenick Nati Show on May 19.

Varya said that she didn’t think it’d be “fair” to do the “Tell-All” without Geoffrey. So the controversial trio decided to do their own tell-all. Geoffrey filmed the interviews, Domenick Nati hosted. But, in the end, Geoffrey pulled the video.

“I’m not gonna be releasing that tell-all. Maybe one day I’ll do it for sh*ts and giggles,” Geoffrey said in an Instagram Live video.

So since fans still don’t know what came of Geoffrey, Varya, and Mary, the three reality TV personalities get bombarded with questions online about their relationship statuses.

Geoffrey made a couple interesting comments about Varya on Instagram

Geoffrey recently answered fan questions with Nati on Instagram Live, and might have hinted that he and Varya have gone their separate ways.

“Have you ever asked a date to use a sex toy that u told her only was used once before?” asked one fan.

“My answer to that question is, I always say, ‘I’ve never used it; I want to try it!'” responded Geoffrey.

Nati asked Geoffrey if he currently owns any sex toys.  

“I have some that somebody came to visit me, dropped off, left, and went back to their country,” he said coyly. Fans, of course, believed him to be talking about Varya.

Then, later in the Q&A, Varya hopped on and Geoffrey abruptly left.  

“Varya’s here!” announced Nati.  

“You know what, I’m getting off,” said Geoffrey.

In addition to the two comments Geoffrey made regarding Varya above, he also removed some of his clothes for fans in a game of “Have You Ever?” Fans are thinking this is the behavior of a single man.

But neither Geoffrey nor Varya have confirmed a split. So all fans can do is speculate and keep pestering the reality stars on the social accounts.

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