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90 Day Fiancé fans still don’t know who Geoffrey Paschel ended up with. Though he finished the season engaged to Varya Malina, some fans are thinking he could have possibly found his way back to Mary Wallace, his long-time friend.

Fans of the show don’t know how things shook out between Geoffrey, Varya, and Mary because they didn’t attend the 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days “Tell-All.”

Geoffrey and Varya of '90 Day Fiancé'
Geoffrey and Varya of ’90 Day Fiancé’ | Instagram @varya.malina

Geoffrey Paschel wants to reveal what happened between him, Varya Malina, and Mary Wallace but he can’t

In an interview Geoffrey did with The Domenick Nati Show on June 22, he explained that: “The ‘Tell-All’ is a whole separate entity. I don’t have to be on the ‘Tell-All.’ I’m on a TV show, that’s it.”

Originally, the plan was for Geoffrey to host his own Tell-All with both Varya and Mary present. But that was canceled.  

“It’s not up to me. I would love to tell you everything,” he said.

Geoffrey has made it clear that, when he’s able, he’ll update fans on his romantic life.

“Just be patient. I promise, promise, promise it will be worth it,” he said in an Instagram Live where he revealed he would not be posting his Tell-All.

Geoffrey stands up for Varya and Mary against online trolls

In the meantime, Geoffrey is still receiving plenty of comments and messages from 90 Day Fiancé fans on social media.

“I was part of the only couple that was on every single episode. Even Ed [Brown] wasn’t on every episode. The fans like to use the excuse as like, ‘Well, Geoffrey put his life out there and he’s in the public eye now.’ OK, but that doesn’t give you the right to give your unsolicited opinion as if I’m a this or a that,” Geoffrey said of the criticism he receives from fans.

Though the reality TV star has remained tight-lipped about his love life, he’s still making a point to stand up for both Varya and Mary online.


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“There was someone today that said, ‘Oh, Varya’s got a wonky eye. She looks like she’s on meth. She’s like that.’ And then somebody was like, ‘How dare you say that?’And that person was like, ‘I’m just giving my opinion.’ I’m like, ‘Motherf*cker, nobody asked for your opinion to put somebody down!’” he said.

Geoffrey continued: “I don’t care if I’m with Varya, I don’t care if I’m with Mary, I don’t care if I’m screwing you. I’m not gonna let somebody I’m in a relationship with of any sort talk down to that person and put them down. They’re trying to step on somebody else’s shoulders and make themselves higher. It’s like, why? Why do that? It’s like disgusting.”

No matter who Geoffrey is with, whether it’s Varya, Mary, someone else, or no one at all, he doesn’t seem to harbor any negative feelings for the two women he spent time with on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days.

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