’90 Day Fiancé’: Geoffrey Paschel Offers Unsolicited Marriage Advice

90 Day Fiancé fans watched Geoffrey Paschel try to make things work with his Russian girlfriend, Varya Malina, on the fourth season of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. In an interview Geoffrey did with The Domenick Nati Show that was released June 13, he said looked overseas for a girlfriend because he found himself always seeking out “the same type of women.”

Geoffrey Paschel
’90 Day Fiancé’ star Geoffrey Paschel | Geoffrey Paschel via Instagram

“Where I live, I go for the same type of women. I mean, that’s why I’m in the position I’m in now. I get these partners that I think, ‘Oh, I can help them. They need this, they need that. Let me fix them. I can be that person. They just need a good, strong shoulder to cry on’–whatever. I got in that fixing rut and so I wanted something completely new,” he said.

An ex-girlfriend accused Geoffrey Paschel of domestic assault

The “position [Geoffrey is] in now” is that he’s being accused of domestic assault by an ex-girlfriend.

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Today was supposed to be my hearing date for the June 2019 allegations. Unfortunately, it has once again been delayed due to the pandemic. I have been very eager to go and reveal the truth surrounding the evidence in question. I have continually requested the earliest possible dates every time so that I expeditiously clear my name. I have been forced to hide under a rock and told that the “hate will just go away” if I ignored it. That is not me, and I can’t take constant accusations from people, whilst I lie in silence, any longer. . These claims are the main reason I’ve been lambasted with such vitriol. I can assure you, if any of these fables were true, I would bow out and accept responsibility. Not all is as it seems. I have been held back from defending myself, but the time has come that I stand up to the incredulous and contrived conditions that keep compounding due to the viral spread of sensationalized opinions and lazy, one sided, internet reporting—meant only for clickbait. There are unscrupulous intentions behind this endeavor to defame me and it is due to the custody situations I am currently in. Consequently, the only way for the actual truth to be known, is for me to speak out. . I am 100% categorically innocent and I cannot wait to share my trove of evidence…soon. From the onset of these allegations, there has always been an agenda with the sole purpose of sabotaging my custody battleS. There was never any sort of accusations until court proceedings were initiated. Furthermore, at no point was there any violence exhibited toward that woman or any other woman—ever. These are merely combined battles to win their selfish war. However, I will continue to fight for what is best for my children. Co-parenting seems to be a lost art when anger, resentment and jealousy are involved. My goal is to look beyond said fog and focus on what is in THEIR best interests. They are the ones that matter. . When something is wrong, no matter what it is, I will be the first defender. I should not have to change this tactic when I am involved. . Stay tuned for THE truth, I am preparing it now for my own tell-all.

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“When I first got arrested in June it was for domestic assault, which is bad in itself but it’s a misdemeanor. They tried to drop the chargers but the ‘victim’ [he used air quotes here] didn’t want to drop it. She pressed forward. They offered me no punishment whatsoever just to have it on my record. I said, ‘No. Absolutely not.’ They said, ‘If you don’t take it, we’re gonna take you to the grand jury, try to trump up the charges, we’ll try to get you on kidnapping…’ I was like, ‘You do whatever the hell you want to do. I am not accepting anything other than a full exoneration,’” he told Nati, adding that the charge was “an agenda to try and make me lose custody of my child.”

’90 Day Fiancé’ star Geoffrey Paschel gives some marriage advice

Geoffrey and Nati recently went on Instagram Live to play a game of strip “Have You Ever?” with 90 Day Fiancé fans. In the middle of the game, Geoffrey, who’s been married four times, offered Nati some marriage advice.

He told the radio host that his wife “left [him]” because he’s “f*cking vanilla.” 

“You’ve got to put yourself out there. It’s not about your stylish little haircut. I don’t care. Like, my hair, man? I cut my own hair. I could not care any less about my hair. Your little cigar-smoking, your little sunglasses, you wear a little button-up shirt and stuff like that. It’s not about that,” said the controversial reality personality.  

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Going fast is who I am. It doesn’t matter if it is riding a bike, jumping out of a plane, or, as many have seen, jumping into a relationship. For as long as I can remember, it has always been one of my personality traits. Some may call me impulsive. However you define it, I have learned to embrace it. Obviously, there are risks: I can burn out easily, become unhealthy and mentally drained, decrease my life expectancy, or race by opportunities blurred by my speed. No matter what, I am always in high gear. I have adjusted to this lifestyle and wouldn’t have it any other way… . I have become increasingly vigilant in my actions. I may push the bike to its limits, but I am always looking ahead—watching—analyzing—predicting others' subsequent moves. This perspective has saved my life numerous times and protected me time and time again. I may be extremely spontaneous and adventurous, but my risk-taking is paralleled with hazard management. Just as fast as I can get into a situation, I can get out of it. It's about self-preservation. . My survival depends on what I allow to affect me and what I deflect. Of course, I can initially react to situations with visible emotions, but then am quickly reminded that I only control my own actions. Why fuel stress caused by actions of others? This gives others control of your life—such a vulnerable place to be. When I accepted the fact that there was no longer a future with Varya, I chose to be resilient. I turned off my emotions, checked out mentally, and left. . While riding the bike down the open road, I am left with only my thoughts, I clear my head. It aids me in self-reflection as I scrutinize my own actions and those of others. This forces me to “think better in the future,” be smarter, wiser, and with a more well-informed mind. I don’t know why things happen, but I accept them nonetheless. Nothing irks me more than someone asking me to interpret the actions of others. The only actions I can be held accountable for are my own. . What do you do when you’re faced with a dilemma? Analyze every potential outcome? Weigh the pros and cons? Seek solitude to clear your head and devise a new plan? I do…I do them all. Welcome to ME.

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“Gucci doesn’t matter. None of it matters. It’s about what you put out and what you do to make your special person feel special. If you’re vanilla, she’s left unsatisfied, Domenick,” he continued.  

At this point, Instagram users started to comment on the video to suggest that Geoffrey should go easier on Nati. But he plowed through.

The reality star told Nati that he needs to make his partner feel special.

“I see your face right now. You want to smile but you can’t smile. It’s all fake. I’m sorry, buddy. I don’t think that’s it, I know that’s it. You gotta make the woman you’re with feel special. What makes her better than all the other women that want Domenick?” he said.

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