’90 Day Fiancé’ Gets Its First Dating Game Show in New Spinoff

Few shows have increased their production since the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic began. 90 Day Fiancé, however, has proven that not only do they know how to keep their current shows running, but they can produce new show after new show, even with the new rules and regulations of the pandemic. Now, the franchise is getting yet another spinoff, but this time it will be in the form of a game show.

Annie Suwan and David Toborowsky in '90 Day Fiancé'
Annie Suwan and David Toborowsky in ’90 Day Fiancé’ | 90 Day Fiancé/TLC UK/YouTube

’90 Day Fiancé’s’ first dating game show

While 90 Day Fiancé has always been a franchise about love, the shows have never been game shows. Usually, the shows follow couples who are already together and trying to figure out how to live in the same country. On the original 90 Day Fiancé, the couples have usually been granted a K-1 visa and are preparing for their weddings in America. On The Other Way, the American person has typically decided to move to their partner’s country and on Before the 90 Days, the couples are typically trying to figure out if they want to apply for the K-1 visa or even stay together.

This new show, Love Games, will pit 24 90 Day Fiancé couples against each other in a head to head battle to see how much they know about their partners.

According to Deadline, questions will include things like “’What’s something your partner thinks they’re good at, but really they aren’t?’ and ‘If you could date anyone from the 90 Day Fiancé universe other than your partner, who would it be?'”

The show will consist of three rounds of questions before viewers’ favorite couples compete in an elimination championship.

Other new ’90 Day Fiancé’ shows

As the franchise has expanded, more shows are being added to the 90 Day universe pretty often.

“I will confess that we’ve had to make some color-coded diagrams internally,” Lisa Holme, Discovery’s Group SVP Content and Commercial Strategy told the outlet. “The TLC team knows it inside and out, but as we’ve expanded, for the entire company to be familiar with it, we’ve had to do some diagrams so people can keep straight who the characters are.

In addition to Love Games, the franchise just premiered Bares All on Discovery+.

“Dive into the most exclusive destination in the 90 Day universe with the new discovery+ original series, 90 Day Bares All,” the official description reads. “As host Shaun Robinson pulls back the curtain on the franchise’s most jaw-dropping, unexpected moments, each week she will be joined by several special guests, ranging from individuals featured in the current season of  90 Day Fiancé to seasoned, familiar faces addressing the most notorious, unanswered rumors. Nothing is off-limits and no stone will be left unturned, giving superfans the deepest, most intimate look ever at all the stories, drama, and secrets behind the 90 Day franchise.”

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Bares All promises to provide a more in-depth behind the scenes look at the show and answer questions about some of the storylines that we have seen over the course of the seasons.

“If you think you’ve seen it all, you won’t believe what’s about to happen next,” Robinson said in the teaser. “Your favorite cast members from across the entire 90 Day universe will be joining to reveal some jaw-dropping revelations of their own.”

The show premiered earlier this month.