‘90 Day Fiancé’: Hamza and Memphis Split Confirmed via Leaked Text Messages — ‘I’m Divorcing You’

Leaked text messages between Memphis Sandoval and Hamza Moknii confirm that there’s trouble in paradise for this 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days couple. Based on the Instagram fighting and the leaked text messages, it’s confirmed that this couple is over.

Memphis and Hamza sitting at the edge of the bed looking at a pregnancy test together on '90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days' Season 5.
Memphis and Hamza ’90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days’ Season 5 | TLC

Memphis and Hamza’s marriage is over

90 Day Fiancé blogger, @truecrime_jankie, posted leaked text messages that are allegedly between Before the 90 Days star, Memphis, and her sister-in-law, Rawia Moknii. In the messages, Rawia asks Memphis where her brother is at. Memphis reveals that there has been trouble in their marriage.

She replies, “He doesn’t appreciate me.” Memphis explains, “Now your brother is saying he will take my daughter.” Check out the Instagram post below:

In the text messages, Hamza’s sister digs for more information, asking Memphis why Hamza doesn’t like Muskegon, Michigan. Memphis reveals, “He says there is no big city. I took him by the beach and he didn’t seem to care. He says he doesn’t want to live here.” She ends the conversation, “Your brother is showing me he’s here for the wrong reason [sic].

In another screenshot showing the text thread between Memphis and Rawia, Memphis reveals that Hamza wants to live somewhere else. She admits, “Your brother said if I can’t move cities, he will go without me. Now he is angry.” She continued, “Why would I continue to be married to someone who says that they will leave me if I can’t move out of the state until Bryson graduates.

Some fans recognized that in Hamza’s recent Instagram posts, he has been living in Chicago, IL, separate from Memphis. This proves that Hamza decided to leave Memphis and his daughter in Muskegon, MI, in exchange for big city living.

Hamza and Memphis’ leaked text messages show a dark side to their marriage

The following slides show Memphis and Hamza arguing via text. Memphis sends him a photo of their daughter with the message, “I do not think she deserves this… to have her mother and father fighting! I have done so much to get you here and it hurts that you are willing to give it up because you can’t move to a big city right now! Things take time and if you loved me you would understand.”

The text thread continues. Memphis writes: “You don’t forget I’m divorcing you. My kids are sick and cry and this disfunction is done with. My kids mean more to me then [sic] try to change a man who shows he does not care about anyone but himself.”

Memphis writes, “I don’t feel like you are attracted to me. I feel like you do not try to spend time with me.” She continues, “You do not give me affections do you spend all day on your phone.”

Is there hope for Memphis and Hamza’s marriage?

Could there be reconciliation between this 90 Day Fiancé couple? Memphis writes to Hamza, “I loved you with all of my heart. And you just took my heart out of my chest and stomped on it. Not once have you done anything to show me you appreciate me. I am always trying to help you.”

Memphis writes, “I married you because I loved you. “I had a baby for you now that is love.” She concludes, “I did over and beyond to get you here.


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Next, Memphis insinuates that Hamza is being sneaky with his phone. She writes, “Why would you snatch your phone out of my hand? Anyone would think you were doing something your [sic] not supposed to. If I did that to you… you would be mad!”

However, despite all of the fighting, they still love each other, and perhaps there’s a chance that they could reconcile.

Memphis texts Hamza, “Please understand that I love you and your family. Please understand I only want the best for all of us. Soon enough we will be able to move. But we have to prepare so that we can be successful. We can’t fail we have children to protect and a care for. It hurt my feeling when you told my daughter not to love me. I would have never told her that about you. That makes me wonder if you truly love me.”

He replied, “I know I’m with you [sic]. Don’t worry, I’ll wait for you. Don’t forget I love you. I didn’t want to lose you.”

Many 90 Day Fiancé fans hope that Memphis and Hamza will return to 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? to find out the truth of their relationship. Until now, it appears that this 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days couple is over.