’90 Day Fiance’: Has Erika Been Cheating on Stephanie This Whole Season?

The couples on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days don’t exactly have the most solid relationships. Most of them start the season off having never met before and then when they do meet, it almost never goes well. Last week, Stephanie Matto was finally united with her Australian girlfriend, Erika. But now, things are already getting bleak.

Stephanie Matto
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Erika and Stephanie’s relationship

Matto, a 29-year-old social media influencer, met Erika over social media and instantly fell in love. Though Matto didn’t tell her family the exact truth about why she was going to Australia, they worried about her as Matto has a rare bone marrow disease that makes travel dangerous. Despite their concerns, Matto still braved traveling in order to meet Erika.

When the two met, Matto was unsure about being intimate with Erika after being single for such a long time. Luckily, Erika was OK with that and said she and Matto could just kiss for the time being.

Was Erika cheating on Stephanie?

In this week’s episode, Matto and Erika get into a fight when Matto realizes that Erika still has a dating app on her phone.

Erika claims that though she has the app on her phone, she hasn’t been with anyone else in the last four months.

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I am going to be the realest with you guys right now. I don’t talk about this much, and it’s embarrassing. It’s gross. It’s not pretty. But it’s my life, and if talking about it can help others feel less alone, then it will be worth it. 2 and a half years ago when I was diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia I was put on lupron. If you don’t know what lupron is, its a sexual suppression medication that stops your period, amongst other things. I couldn’t be on birth control (for many reasons), and I could not get my period because I would uncontrollably lose blood and need a transfusion due to having low platelets. I have recently come off of the medication, but being on it for such a long time left me with lasting side effects. Lupron, along with my other medication made me a robotic, asexual being for the past 2 years. Add into the mix that I have had some pretty traumatic sexual experiences in my life that make me nervous when just meeting and opening up to someone in that way. It’s not that I don’t care or love them, it is simply a mental thing for me. To be truthful, I have had difficulties with sex in the past. I’ll never forget the text my ex boyfriend sent me saying “at least she touches me” in reference to his current more sexually apt girlfriend. But I know sex can be beautiful, and it can be a bonding experience. Despite my feelings about sex, I do experience love, connection, and physical attraction. And it is SO embarrassing to tell partners this and usually always leads to disappointment or your partner feeling inadequate (when it is really quite the opposite). This is something people have a hard time grasping, especially when you’re in the “business of being sexy” online. So please be aware that upon meeting Erika, my lack of sexual openness was nothing to do with apprehension of my bisexuality. I am FIRM and confident in my sexuality. It was nothing to do with anyone pressuring me. I was incredibly nervous, tired, and insecure: It had been a long time since I had human touch, and it had been a long time since I felt those feelings. People have different love languages, and that is okay. No one is wrong and nobody’s feelings are invalid

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“I still have one of the dating apps because there’s a business networking side of that app, but I don’t use the relationship side of that app,” Erika says in the clip obtained by Entertainment Tonight.

Unsatisfied, Matto asks Erika to delete the app. Even though Erika obliges, she isn’t happy.

“If you don’t have faith in me then how is this going to work, you know?” she asks.

“Steph asking me to delete this app suggests to me that she doesn’t trust me at all and I think she’s going about this in a completely inappropriate way,” she later says to the cameras.

How does Stephanie feel about being in the first LGBTQ couple on ’90 Day Fiance’?

Matto and Erika have a lot of pressure on them to make their relationship work, not just for themselves, but as the first LGBTQ couple on the show.

“I feel like there’s a lot of pressure — you don’t want to let anybody down,” Matto told Entertainment Tonight in an interview. “You don’t want to let down the LGBTQ community and a part of me wants to be like, great representation for this community, but also I think we all just need to realize we’re just like any other couple. We’re gonna have just similar problems to all the other couples on the show. I hope that people come into this with an open mind and give us a chance to share our story.”

Though Matto was an influencer before the show, she hadn’t come out publicly as bisexual or to her family before filming.

“I felt like this was a way of doing it that was so gutsy and just so crazy that there would be no possible way for me to go back because I’ve had one foot out the closet and one foot in the closet for so many years,” she said. “I almost came out so many times.”