’90 Day Fiancé’: Angela Deem Says Michael Ilesanmi ‘Tricked’ Her Into Buying a Gift for His Aunt

On 90 Day Fiancé season 7, Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi make an eventful appearance. Angela decides to go to Nigeria to visit Michael after learning that Michael’s K-1 visa was denied. He’s unable to currently come to the United States to live and marry Angela, and it has been hard on them both.

Angela and Michael plan to visit some of Michael’s family, including his mother and his Aunt Lydia, during Angela’s stay. But before that, Angela somehow gets roped into getting gifts for a few of Michael’s family members. Read on to learn how Angela says Michael “tricked” her in a hilarious turn of events.

Angela and Michael look at gifts for Michael’s family

Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi
Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi | deemangela via Instagram

Before they leave for dinner with Michael’s family, he says they need to stop and get his mother a microwave. It’s something Michael has mentioned to Angela before, but she doesn’t want it to become a habit. She tells Michael that if he wants to get his mother gifts, he should be the one to get them.

“Here in Nigeria, it is customary for the daughter-in-law to bring a gift to her mother-in-law when she visits,” Michael tells producers.

They head off to a store along the way to pick up a microwave for Michael’s mother. The shop owner has a microwave, but the price is a little steep, and equates to $95. Angela says they can buy microwaves in America for $50. Michael asks if the owner of the store can lower the price if they buy something else, and Angela questions that statement.

Angela says Michael ‘tricked’ her into buying a gift for his aunt

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“Baby, you need to get something for my uncle’s wife. You know, they are the ones hosting us,” Michael explains to Angela. “You have to get something for all.”

Angela feels like Michael “tricked” her into getting another gift for his family member because she was already buying a gift for his mother at the time. She ends up buying two gifts when she never really planned to buy any.

“So you tricked me in here to buy your aunt something,” Angela tells Michael. Michael says he didn’t trick her, and they pick out another gift, an electric kettle, for his aunt. Angela says she only has so much money, and the shop owner makes a deal for them. They leave with the goods, and head off to see Michael’s family.

“To my surprise, I got a gift for [Michael’s mother] and Michael’s got a gift for his aunt, that I paid for,” Angela tells the cameras. “Now I’m thinking, ‘Did he just do that?’ Like sneaky. But, Michael’s mom has wanted a microwave for years, so I hope this shows her how much I love her, and it makes her life a little bit easier.”

Angela and Michael arrive to see his family. Michael’s mother is extremely happy with the gift, and hugs Angela for the microwave that she’s been wanting. It looks like it was a good idea for Angela to fork out the money for these gifts. It scores her some points with some of the family, especially Michael’s mother.