’90 Day Fiance’: How Does David Murphey Have So Much Money to Spend on Ukrainian Dating Sites?

You don’t have to be rich to fall in love…unless you want your wife to be an imported foreign beauty. David Murphey left the traditional way of finding love behind a long time ago. Instead, he traded it in for a website that acts as a concierge service to put men in contact with beautiful Ukrainian women. While this has resulted in Murphey meeting Lana and showcasing their relationship on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days, it has come at a hefty price.

David Murphey
David Murphey | Instagram @davidjmurphey

How did David Murphey find out about dating sites?

Years ago, Murphey used to date the normal way. But it wasn’t giving him the results he wanted.

“When the internet was brand new, a tenant of mine showed me a website where you could meet Russian and Filipino women,” he wrote in an Instagram Q&A. “I had an interest in Russians. Within months, the Ukrainian women on the site outnumbered the Russians. I went to both countries. A few years later, Ukraine became more Western-like and you didn’t even need a visa to go there. Russia requires a visa and you have to register everywhere you go. It was just harder to travel in.”

For the past 15 years, Murphey has only dated Ukrainian women.

How much money does David Murphey spend?

The price to be on these websites is nothing to scoff at, but Murphey doesn’t mind.

“I was spending $2,000 per month dating when I was dating in the USA,” he wrote in the same Q&A. “Dinner, shows, activities, and travel. When the website came out I just transferred that expense to them. I know, I know. If you earn 4k a month, this is crazy money, but not if you earn 15k plus. None of this money is lifechanging to me.”

And there really is no way to go about dating through these sites in a cheap manner, according to Murphey.

“Even if you did it the cheapest way possible, you are still going to be out $15,000 just to get someone here finally. But this will be the same cost if you find someone equally as far away. This is using legitimate methods of meeting someone. Never respond to someone on social media and never ever send any money.”

David Murphey pays by the minute

In the leaked footage of the “Tell-All,” Murphey admitted that the site that he used to meet Lana charges by the minute for them to talk. In the beginning, Lana would not talk to him outside of the site.

He said that he spent a couple hundred thousand dollars talking to Lana over the years but doesn’t think that all of that money went to her.

How does David Murphey have so much money?

We know that Murphey must be well-off just from the amount of money that he spends to date. So, how does he make his money? Murphey currently works as an SR Systems Programmer for Clark County in Las Vegas. People in this role can earn up to $110,000 per year, according to Distractify.

He also sells his expensive items to make money. At the beginning of the season, he was trying to sell some of his things to buy an RV to travel with Lana. Murphey’s net worth has not been made public.