’90 Day Fiancé’: How Melyza Caught Tim Cheating

All season, 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star Tim Clarkson has been talking about how he broke Melyza Zeta’s trust, but he hasn’t exactly specified how.

Tim and Melyza
Tim Clarkson and Melyza | TLC

“Honestly, I feel like not enough. And I feel like that’s something the viewers are going to find out about as well is how much did I … how much have I actually been fighting for her, and how much have I been complacent?” he told Entertainment Tonight in June.

“You know, every relationship has their trials and tribulations and we’re no different,” Tim continued. “And there’s just been certain things that have transpired over our relationship that have been … made her more hesitant with moving to the United States permanently. So… [moving to the U.S. is] not completely off her radar, but it’s just been based on what we’ve been through in our relationship. It’s kind of made us reevaluate where we are gonna be together. And I’ve never had an issue thinking about moving to Colombia at all.”

Tim cheated on Melyza

In the latest episode, Tim revealed that he cheated on Melyza with one of his co-workers. He explained that he planned to propose to Melyza last year when she was visiting him in Texas on a tourist visa. But he cheated on her a month before she arrived.

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When Melyza got to Texas she “had her suspicions” about Tim so checked his social media. That’s where she discovered that things weren’t right.

Before Melyza discovered that Tim had cheated on her, she was going to move to Texas to be with him. Once she learned what Tim had done, she decided she was no longer comfortable leaving her friends and family in Colombia for their relationship. So Tim made the decision to move to Colombia to show he was serious about making things work.

Tim talks to his mom about moving to Colombia to be with Melyza

In a clip ET received of Sunday’s upcoming episode, we learn that Tim’s mom is wary about him moving to Colombia.

“I think, yeah, every couple has their struggles, but the struggles that we were having were maybe more directly attributed to some things that I personally needed to work on,” he tells her.

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Tim’s mother tells him that every couple has stuff to work on and he replies, “But not everybody cheats.”

“Do you think she’ll ever be able to put it behind her, though?” she asks.

That’s the big question.

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