’90 Day Fiancé’: Is Babygirl Lisa Hamme Starting a Podcast?

Babygirl Lisa Hamme rose to fame on the most recent season of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. Her relationship with Usman Umar was so outlandish and volatile that it had viewers tuning in week after week to see how things between them developed. But after it was revealed that Hamme used derogatory language toward Umar, she was let go from the franchise. Just because she’s not on any TLC shows right now, doesn’t mean that we’ve heard the last of Hamme. In fact, she has recently been promoting a podcast.

Babygirl Lisa Hamme
Lisa Hamme | Instagram @baby_girl_lisa_2020

Lisa Hamme and Usman Umar’s relationship

When Hamme and Umar met, it wasn’t the 20-year age difference that was cause for alarm to Hamme, it was the fact that Umar may be a scammer.

“I was 49 and Usman was 29 when we first met,” Hamme said in an interview with Without a Crystal Ball. “And when we first met, I’ll be honest with you…I honestly thought, oh, great, another yahoo boy out of Nigeria that’s going to harass me to no end. And I gave him the benefit of the doubt because I don’t like that stigma.”

Despite her concerns, she went to Nigeria and married Umar. Later, Hamme revealed that her initial concerns about Umar may have been correct.

“He used me,” she said on Instagram Live after the season finished airing. “He married me just to be on a TV show that people would recognize his name to sell his music. I tried to work with him, his brothers tried to work with him. He thinks it’s just him, he thinks he’s going to do what he wants and he’s never going to apologize for anything he’s ever said bad about me. He’s posing as what you call a romance scam, which is very illegal in Nigeria. It puts that stigma back onto Nigeria again and that’s what I didn’t want to do.”

Lisa Hamme gets dropped from TLC

This season’s tell-all had to be hosted virtually due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. After the reunion was taped, it was leaked onto the internet. In a portion of the reunion, Hamme and Umar argued over something Hamme wanted to keep a secret.

“If you start this sh*t again,” Hamme said. “Do not open that can of worms. Do not. Do not start. Let me tell you something. Listen, if you open a can of worms.”


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Despite her warning, Umar continued.

“Lisa, last week you called me n*gger which I know is totally inappropriate in America,” he said. “You called me n*gger, I don’t even get angry about it because I am used to how you are behaving.”

The backlash for Hamme’s derogatory language was swift. The reality star was originally set to appear on the spinoff show B90 Strikes Back, but after that footage was released she was taken off the show.

Does Lisa have a podcast?

Since being cut from the spinoff, Hamme has been very active on social media. She recently promoted a new 90 Day Fiancé podcast called the 90 Days on Fire podcast. Though Hamme promoted the podcast on her account, she was not listed on the photo as one of the hosts. It is not yet known what her exact affiliation with the podcast is.