’90 Day Fiancé’: Is Deavan Clegg Married? Topher Park Spotted Wearing Potential Wedding Band

Deavan Clegg has completely moved on from Jihoon Lee. The former 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way couple split earlier this year and now Clegg is already dating a new beau. Her relationship with Christopher ‘Topher’ Park seems to be moving pretty quickly as he is already spending a lot of time with her two kids. And now, Park was just spotted sporting what looks like a wedding band.

Deavan Clegg left Jihoon Lee

Though Clegg and Lee are still together on this current season of The Other Way, in real life they have called it quits. Clegg left Lee after he allegedly abused her daughter Drascilla.

“Something bad happened that can never be forgiven,” Clegg wrote in comments captured by Cinema Blend. “I tried to co-parent but that’s kind of hard to do when the other person has deleted any type of way to get in contact. Also kind of difficult when the only time he contacts you is to call you degrading, vile names. He’s told me time and time again he just wants to pretend it didn’t happen and has called me, my son, Drascilla vile things. I’m done. I’m sick of the lies I’m sick of pretending it’s OK I’m done.”

Later, she claimed that Lee pulled out chunks of Drascilla’s hair in the middle of the night.

Deavan Clegg’s relationship with Topher Park

Apparently, Clegg has known Park for a lot longer than most fans think. She recently went on Instagram live with Park and discussed how they met. According to Screen Rant, the two met on a plane when they were both traveling to Korea for the first time. As Clegg visited Lee in Korea for the first time on season 1 of The Other Way, it stands to reason that she met Park before that.

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Because Park and Clegg started dating when LA was on strict lockdown due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, their first date took place in Park’s apartment.

“It was a quarantine date,” Clegg said. “We just sat there and talked for hours until 5 a.m.”

Are Deavan and Topher married?

Since Clegg went public with her relationship with Park, fans have been thirsty for details surrounding the relationship.

Engagement rumors started floating around about Park and Clegg after she posted a picture of Park to her Instagram with some telling lyrics from Stephanie Poetri’s “I Love You 3000.”

“When you ask. Baby, take my hand. I want you to be my husband. ‘Cause you’re my Iron Man. And I love you 3000,” she wrote.

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Clegg was also spotted wearing a big ring on her left ring finger in one of her videos, but according to ScreenRant, she claimed that the ring was just a cheap piece of jewelry from Amazon.

Now, rumors have started up again as eagle-eyed fans noticed Park wearing what looked to be a wedding band on his left hand in a picture of him and Taeyang.

Though Clegg and Park have been leaving little clues like this for fans, neither of them has directly commented on the status of their relationship beyond the fact that they are together.