’90 Day Fiancé’: Is Rose Married to Someone Other Than Big Ed? [Spoilers]

90 Day Fiancé fans seem to be split when it comes to how they feel about Big Ed and how he behaves towards Rose. Ed, who seems to have some issues when it comes to completely trusting Rose, requested that she receive an STD test in a way that hurt her feelings. Now, it seems as if Big Ed might have failed to win his love over during his season. In fact, it looks as though Rose may have found love in the arms of someone else already. Here’s what we know so far. 

Big Ed’s lied to Rose on ’90 Day Fiancé’

While Big Ed seems to have some issues trusting Rose when it comes to her past, he wasn’t entirely honest with Rose before they met on 90 Day Fiancé. During his premiere episode, Big Ed revealed to a friend that he’d lied to Rose about his height. 

“I have been keeping a few things from Rose. One is my height, I’m 4’11” not 5’2”,” explained Ed. It seems he told her that they’re the same height, despite the difference. 

Big Ed also hid from Rose that he doesn’t want any more children. Rose has one son already and is hoping to have another child in the future. Meanwhile, Ed already has an adult daughter six years older than Rose, and he’s not interested in more children. 

Ed explained to his friend, “Well, she already wants another child, she wants a girl. And I haven’t told her this, I don’t want to tell her this, but I want to get nipped.”

He added, “I’m already going to take on a four-year-old kid, but to take on another child on top of that, it’s just overwhelming. I’m at a place in my life where I’ve raised my daughter. She’s 29 and I’m 54. Other than Prince, I’m not ready to have more kids.”

Rose feels hurt by Big Ed’s request 

However, despite his own lies, Big Ed seems really hung up on whether or not Rose is lying to him. He asked her frequently whether or not she chats with any exes on social media. 

When she told Ed she doesn’t want to talk about it anymore, he asked her to get an STD test. He told his 90 Day Fiancé love that if she gets an STD test, he’ll stop asking her about her past. However, he seemed rather unwilling to get the test himself. 

When Big Ed pursued the STD test, Rose felt hurt. She told producers, “I’m disappointed. I feel hurt. My heart crack.” While it is safe for new partners to get tested, it seems as if Ed’s fervor and haste on the subject may have been what turned Rose off and hurt her feelings. 

Rose ended up telling Ed that she loves him, but that she’s hurt. She told Ed that he’d be sleeping alone in his own hotel room that night, without her. 

Is Rose engaged to someone else?

Big Ed of 90 Day Fiancé hurt Rose's feelings
Big Ed of 90 Day Fiancé | thisisbiged via Instagram

Now, it looks like things between the two 90 Day Fiancé lovers may not have panned out. Soap Dirt reports that she has been spotted flaunting a ring on her finger in photos with another person. 

It seems as if Rose has recently updated her social media to display her new ring. Soap Dirt reports that she’s dating a person named Ejhay, and in their photos, the two look quite happy together. 

It remains unclear whether or not Big Ed knows about this new development in her life, or if he even cares. It appears as if Rose and her new beau have been together since autumn 2019. Big Ed has recently been hinting on his Instagram that things between him and Rose did not work out, so this might not come as a surprise to some fans of 90 Day Fiancé