’90 Day Fiance’: Is TLC Hiding Things About Emily and Sasha’s Relationship?

A new season of 90 Day Fiance has just started and already fans have a lot of questions. The roster this season features a couple who got engaged after only eight hours of knowing one another and quite a few people who seem to be just in the relationship for a green card.

But on top of all that, there may be one couple who TLC is helping cover up the truth about their story.

Sasha and Emily 90 Day Fiance
Sasha and Emily 90 Day Fiance | Instagram: @emily.larina

Emily and Sasha’s relationship

According to TLC, Emily McCue and Sasha Larin met when McCue moved to Russia to teach English after graduating from college. She came across Larin while he was working as a fitness coach at a gym nearby. He soon started training McCue and she began teaching him English.

When the show started filming, McCue was already pregnant with Larin’s child and planning on bringing him to the U.S.

“‘I am going to be Sasha’s third wife and this is going to be his third child with another woman, so…’ Emily says it might sound crazy, but she knows things with her Russian fiance Sasha are going to last!” TLC posted on their Instagram ahead of the premiere.

But there may be more going on in this relationship than just two ex-wives and a third baby.

What’s really going on with Emily and Sasha?

So in TLC’s version of McCue and Larin’s relationship, McCue randomly decided to move to Russia and teach English, when in reality she had been there before and may have some family connections in the country.

According to Soap Dirt, in 2015 McCue wrote in a forum that she would be “moving to Russia for a job next year and would like to meet any family that may still be living there.”

She said that she was “also interested in learning more about my family’s history.”

She may have also been told to lie about how much Russian she knows. On the show, she said that she didn’t really know Russian and couldn’t read it, which is weird considering how long she has lived in the country.

But, McCue outed herself on Instagram when a fan asked a question about McCue’s son’s Russian birth card that she posted. The fan wrote,” I can’t read Russian.” “Luckily, I can,” McCue responded.

Are Emily and Sasha still together?

Though they surely have a season full of drama ahead of them, McCue and Larin are still together now. They are married and live in America. But what doesn’t make sense is that they posted on Instagram about being married earlier this year with the geotag being in Moscow, which means they may have even gotten married before coming to America.

Why is TLC changing Sasha and Emily’s story?

There are several reasons why TLC may have made some changes to Larin and McCue’s story. The more outlandish and dramatic the couple’s storyline is, the more invested the viewers will be. Making McCue seem like she understands no Russian gives viewers the impression that she Larin have less in common than they actually do which is more interesting to watch.

If McCue and Larin truly were married before he came to the U.S. then TLC would be forced to lie about that to include them on the show at all.