’90 Day Fiancé’: Jenny Says She ‘Was Never Friends With’ Sumit’s Mom

There’s one big thing standing in the way of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way couple Jenny, 61, and Sumit, 32 happily being together: Sumit’s parents Sahna and Anil. Their biggest gripe, unsurprisingly, concerns the couple’s age difference.

While Sahna made it seem like she and Jenny were friends prior to realizing she was dating her son in an Aug. episode, Jenny now says that’s not true.

90 Day Fiancé Jenny and Sumit
’90 Day Fiancé’ stars Jenny and Sumit | TLC

Jenny and Sumit’s parents reflect on Jenny’s first visit

When Jenny first visited Sumit in India in 2013, she stayed with his family. She was supposed to stay for a few days and ended up staying four months.

“I treated her well,” said Sumit’s mother, Sahna. “I showed her a lot of love. I never thought they were more than just friends.”

Sumit’s father, Anil, however, noticed that something romantic was going on between his son and Jenny.

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“We were sleeping, and he was with Jenny,” he said. “I realized they were having some relationship more than friends. I was shocked. She is too old.”

Jenny told Entertainment Tonight that she and Sahna were never close.

“I’m a nice person and she grew to like me,” she said. “And she was just very nice to me. I was never friends with her, ever. I did not know her like that. She came off like we were friends — no, not true at all. We were never friends and she knew that Sumit and I love each other.”

Jenny on getting engaged to Sumit without his parents’ approval

Sahna and Anil have made it very clear that they do not approve of Sumit’s relationship with Jenny. Not only do they feel their age difference is inappropriate, they’re disappointed that the couple won’t be able to have biological children. But, to this, Jenny argues that Sumit didn’t want children anyway.

Despite the lack of approval from Sumit’s parents, some 90 Day Fiancé fans are suspicious that the couple is already engaged.

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“Well, the consequences would probably not be good,” Jenny says of getting engaged to Sumit. “His mom already said what she would do, what would happen if we did something like that. She has said it in the past, she has said it again, and you’ll see, you’ll find out when the season starts up again.”

“[There’s] so much more to come,” she says of the rest of the season. “A lot of good things. … There’s so much more to see that’s gonna happen that will help everyone understand our relationship a lot better.”