‘90 Day Fiancé’: Jihoon Responds to Deavan Clegg’s Claims That He Doesn’t Care About Their Son Taeyang

The feud between Deavan Clegg and Jihoon Lee is getting pretty intense. Not only have the 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way stars revealed that they are no longer together but they have each made some serious allegations against one another on social media. Now, Lee is refuting Clegg’s claims that he’s a bad father.

Jihoon Lee
Jihoon Lee | Instagram @jihoonlee90ty

Jihoon and Deavan breakup

Breakups don’t typically happen on 90 Day Fiancé before the show finishes airing but rumors of divorce had been floating around Clegg and Lee since the season premiered. Recently, Lee took to Instagram to announce the breakup officially.

“They will be happy and I need to be happy,” he said of Clegg and the kids. “Just, I will live my own life. If you lost [a] lover, boy [or] girl. So sad, but you can start again.”

He also told fans that though he and Clegg were no longer together, he would still get to see his son Taeyang.

“We are living our own life, that’s our future,” Lee continued. “So just keep watching. Just keep [supporting] [me] getting [a] better life and please pray for Deavan and Taeyang, [for] their family life.”

Deavan says Jihoon doesn’t care

Clegg is reportedly already dating a new man. Fans have been concerned about how fast she has moved on and constantly comment on her pictures, asking if Lee gets to see Taeyang. Eventually, Clegg posted a picture of the baby with a caption stating that Lee was just trying to play the victim.

“I hate how everyone thinks I’m taking you away from a certain someone,” she wrote. “When in reality I tried my best, yet that certain someone hasn’t called, texted, or asked about you in weeks. And the little money they gave to you, they asked for back. People are attacking us for a man who attacked us. But the truth always comes out. Seeing someone play victim and pretend and lie…I’m sick of the lies. I’m sick of pretending because I’m scared of a piece of paper. Anyways I’m not keeping my child from a certain person.

“I gave this certain person a chance and was willing to work out something,” she continued. “This certain person has said time and time again they want nothing to do with you which breaks my heart but yet this certain person will sit back and lie and pretend. While you and I are currently hiding away because his lies have put us in danger.

She went on to allege that Lee was only using Taeyang to gain sympathy from fans. She also said that Lee blocked them from getting in contact with him. She has since edited and deleted all of the negative statements about Lee.

What does Jihoon have to say?

Lee has been on and off of Instagram, but he made sure to respond to Clegg’s claims with a post of his own.

“I can’t speak all my feelings in English,” he wrote. “You see me as a fool.
Now I think of him every day. But I can’t see him right now, so I spend the day focusing on other things. The reality is terrible. I know all this sh*t.
Like he’s going to have a new father. Do you know how it feels? My heart is always breaking.”

Lee went on, seemingly referring to Clegg’s new relationship and how she moved on without his knowledge before divorce papers have even been signed.


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“Do you really know how it feels?” he continued. “Someone’s gonna tell me.
Don’t pretend to be a victim. I never did that. I’m just a normal person.
It’s been a while since I’ve seen Instagram, and it’s so stupid
I just want to focus on myself right now. I’d like to forget the pain.”

He did eventually admit that he blocked Clegg.

“And I don’t want to get involved in their lives,” he wrote. “So I blocked them all. So extreme but that’s how I organize my mind-set. I will never forget my son and love him forever. Every time I try to be comfortable, I keep seeing things. I want to be comfortable now.”