’90 Day Fiancé’: Karine Staehle Locks Herself in the Bathroom, and Paul Staehle Says She’s Done It Before

On 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After, Paul Staehle and Karine Staehle are trying to make a life together in the United States. It’s been a struggle, considering finding a job has been difficult for Paul and he has a wife and his son, Pierre, to support. He finally found them a decent place to stay in Kentucky, but Karine still isn’t happy about things. In the most recent episode, Paul tries to get Karine to talk to him, but she isn’t having any of it.

Things have been hard, and Karine is concerned about Paul finding a job. She recently told him that he has two months to find a job, or she’s taking the baby back home to Brazil. With the clock ticking, things haven’t gotten any easier between the couple.

Karine Staehle locks herself in the bathroom

Paul and Karine Staehle
Paul and Karine Staehle | pauljasonstaehle via Instagram

In the most recent episode, Karine locks herself in the bathroom and won’t come out when Paul tries to speak with her. Paul attempts to talk with Karine through the bathroom door, which she keeps locked. “Karine, mom’s going to be here soon. Are you alright?” he asks her. “You OK?”

Producers ask Paul what’s happening with Karine right now, and he says, “I’m not sure. I told her mom’s coming over. She’s gone to the bathroom, and is not coming out.”

Paul says he isn’t sure what’s exactly wrong with Karine. She’s clearly upset and wants to be left alone. “Every now and again, she does this. She’ll go in the bathroom, lock herself in there for like four, five, six hours,” Paul says. “And then finally come out. She’s been having a lot of mood swings lately, and I feel really bad for her. I’m trying to do everything I can. But, it’s difficult. It’s very difficult.”

Karine comes out of the bathroom and walks off

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Karine eventually comes out of the bathroom, but she isn’t trying to talk. Paul tries to ask what’s wrong, but he isn’t getting any answers. Paul’s mom, Mary, pulls up in the driveway, and Karine goes out to speak with her. “I’m feeling bad. It’s not you, OK?” Karine tells her. Mary says she brought over some food, but Karine says she doesn’t want it.

“I’m not too sure what’s going on right now. Karine’s mad at me, my mom, or what exactly she’s angry at,” Paul tells producers. Mary tries to find Karine to talk with her, but Karine motions to stop as she walks off. Mary asks her son if Karine wants to go back home to Brazil, and he says he doesn’t know.

Paul then runs after Karine to find her, and he eventually locates her at a nearby park. She tells him to go, and he asks her why she is upset. Eventually, Paul realizes that Karine isn’t going to talk to him, and he leaves to go back home. He returns to tell his mother that Karine is being “moody.”

Things are filled with tension between Paul and Karine. It’s unclear where they go from here, or whether or not they’ll get through this.