’90 Day Fiancé’ Sneak Peek: Larissa Dos Santos Lima and Jess Caroline Meet up

On 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After, there is some major drama brewing between Colt Johnson and his girlfriend, Jess Caroline. Things have been rocky since the trip to Brazil to meet Jess’ family. Now that he’s back home, Colt takes the time to invite Jess to visit him in Las Vegas, Nevada. However, he didn’t plan for this much drama.

While Jess is in Vegas, she meets up with Larissa Dos Santos Lima, Colt’s ex-wife, and it sounds like they have things to bond over.

Jess Caroline meets Colt Johnson at a cat café, and she confronts him

90 Day Fiance star Jess Caroline
Jess Caroline | Jess Caroline / @jesscaroline_ via Instagram

The day finally comes for Colt and Jess to meet, and from the start, it’s clear there’s tension between them. Apparently, a number of women have reached out to Jess saying they’ve been talking to Colt.

“How’s your d***?” Jess asks Colt. “You send pictures today?”

She tells Colt that she has screenshots from eight different women of Colt’s conversations with them. Jess also mentions Colt sent risqué photos to other women as well.

Colt admits to producers that he sent images to other women. “I’m mortified honestly,” Colt tells the cameras. “While I was talking to these women online, I sent them d*** pics. I’m ashamed of myself.”

When things start to get loud, Colt asks Jess to come back to his place and talk. In the car ride over, Colt tells her that ever since the drama in Brazil, it has been hard to decipher if they’re in a relationship or not.

When they arrive at his place, almost immediately, Jess is back at it wanting answers. He comes clean about another secret he’s been hiding while he’s at it, and he admits that his friend, Vanessa Guerra, is now living with him in his spare bedroom. Jess had a problem with Colt even talking to Vanessa, so the whole thing is a hard pill for her to swallow.

Jess’ immediate reaction is, “No.” She’s clearly completely surprised, not to mention she has other women messaging her telling her that they’ve been talking with her boyfriend.

Larissa Dos Santos Lima and Jess Caroline meet up

In a sneak peek of the upcoming episode, Larissa and Jess finally meet up. It won’t be their first conversation, considering Larissa called Jess once before this season and they spoke about Colt. “Jessica, Colt is a demon,” Larissa told her during that phone call.

“Colt broken my feelings and I wish I listened to Larissa when she called me and say, ‘Colt is trash man,’” Jess says. She waits at a bar for Larissa to arrive, who finally sits down to listen.


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“I need to talk to you,” Jess tells Larissa. It sounds like she’s going to come clean about everything that’s happened, especially if she’s calling Colt a “trash man.” She has a lot to say, considering Colt sent images to other women that he was talking to, plus Vanessa is now living with him. It’s a lot for her to take, and it makes sense she would want to talk about it with Larissa, who already has a history with Colt.

Could Larissa and Jess be on the way to a beautiful friendship? The answer is a surprising yes. Both Larissa and Jess posted an image of the two kissing after last week’s episode, and it appears they are in the same bar as the one from the upcoming meet up.

Will Larissa and Jess bond over Colt? We’ll have to wait and find out in the next episode.