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Did you think 90 Day Fiance was over? Oh no, there are a lot more people out there who want to marry someone they just met.

Just as 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days is coming to an end, the original 90 Day Fiance is coming back. But before the show starts, let’s meet the cast of young hopefuls, shall we?

Tania and Syngin

Tania was actually on a trip to South Africa to meet another man who she had met on a dating app. When that meeting fell through, she stayed in South Africa and continued traveling. She met Syngin while he was working as a bartender and went home with him the first night she met him. She, then, stayed in South Africa for over four months and now Syngin is coming to America to be with her. This may be one of the most solidified relationships in 90 Day Fiance history. The pair have actually known each other for a substantial amount of time, unlike some of the other couples, so it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Robert and Anny

With an 11 year age difference between them, Robert and Anny are hoping to take their relationship from social media to everyday life. Anny and Robert have met before, though. Robert booked a cruise to the Dominican Republic and proposed to Anny after only spending eight hours with her.
Sounds like a relationship that is destined to work, right?

Emily and Sasha

Emily and Sasha are another couple who have actually gotten to know each other. Emily moved to Russia to teach English after graduating from college. While there, she met Sashia who was working as a fitness coach. She began training with him and teaching him English. Emily is now pregnant with Sasha’s third child and planning to bring Sasha to the U.S.

Blake and Jasmin

Blake met Jasmin on an online dating site. He eventually flew to Finland to meet her. He proposed to Jasmin on his second trip to Finland. The catch is that Jasmin’s sister is already living in Los Angeles, the same city where Blake lives, which leaves Blake’s family and friends to wonder if Jasmin really loves him or just wants a free ride to L.A.

Michael and Juliana

Michael Jessen met model Juliana Custodio de Sousa during a yacht party in Croatia. The first time they applied for a tourist visa for Juliana to come to America, it was denied. Michael then proposed to Juliana and applied for the K-1 visa. Now, Juliana will be leaving Brazil and traveling to Greenwich, Connecticut and meeting Michael’s kids for the first time.

“A lot of people may think I’m an old sleazy rich guy going after a beautiful young model from Brazil,” Jessen said, acknowledging their 19 year age gap in a preview for the season.

Anna and Mursel

Anna also met Mursel online after Mursel sent her a friend request. The two immediately bonded over their shared love of beekeeping. After communicating about bees for a little while, Anna visited Mursel in Turkey. When she returned from her trip, Mursel proposed.

Mike and Natalie

Mike was set up with Natalie through his friend who had married a Ukranian woman. He, then, flew to Ukraine to meet her. They met again in Paris, where Mike ended up purposing.