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Nicole Nafziger has not been an official part of the 90 Day Fiancé franchise for years but that doesn’t mean that she has faded out of the public eye. Nafziger is quite active on her social media and often updates fans about what is going on in her life. Unfortunately, along with the updates, Nafziger also posts a lot of clickbait so fans never really know what to believe and what not to believe. So, when she posted a photo hinting at a possible pregnancy, people were skeptical.

Nicole Nafziger’s time on ’90 Day Fiancé’

Nafziger first appeared on season 4 of the show with her boyfriend Azan Tefou. When Nafziger finally went to Morocco to visit Tefou, it became clear that they were on different pages. Tefou admitted that he wasn’t 100% attracted to Nafziger and wanted her to lose weight. Eventually, Nafziger and Tefou called off their wedding and decided to use the money to open a store in Morocco. Nafziger gave Tefou thousands of dollars to go toward the opening of the store, however it never happened.

“I am surprised the purchasing of the store takes precedence over the wedding,” Nicole’s mom Robbalee said at the time. “That looks suspicious. Maybe this whole store thing is Azan’s get-rich-quick scheme.”

At first, Robbalee was skeptical of Tefou, but she has learned to accept her daughter’s decisions and the relationship.

“I am always concerned that someone will try and take advantage of one of my children, but I have also said that he seems like a really nice person,” Robbalee wrote to a fan in an Instagram comment. “The world is full of loafers, all over the world, the only difference is he is a none [sic] working boyfriend in another country. We have them here too. I would rather have her here, but she is in charge of her own life and has to make her own decisions. I can only guide her to a better one. The rest is up to her. I love her no matter what. Thank you for your concern!”

Nicole’s Instagram posts

Nafziger has become known for her numerous clickbait posts. Earlier in the year, she posted a photo of herself crying with the caption, “RIP. Link in bio.” The article turned out to be about 90 Day Fiancé star Angela Deem’s mom passing and had nothing to do with Nafziger. She has also posted pictures that alluded to Tefou being dead, which also turned out to be untrue.

In the past, Nafziger has hinted at pregnancy, posting pictures of a sonogram. However, those posts were also just clickbait.

Is Nicole Nafziger pregnant now?

Recently, Nafziger posted a picture of herself along with a sonogram and the words “all because two people fell in love. #linkinbio #soexcited.”


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When fans clicked through the post, which was captured by fan page 90 Day Fiance Gossip, Nafziger made it clear that she was not pregnant.

“No, I am not pregnant,” she said. “Sorry for the confusing post. Hope everyone is staying safe out there! Peace and love to all.”

Nafziger has since deleted the post.