’90 Day Fiancé ‘: Nicole Nafziger Responds to Claims That She’s a Bad Mom and Reveals Why She’s Still in Morocco

Though Nicole Nafziger is no longer on 90 Day Fiancé, the former star continues to upset fans pretty regularly. Initially, Nafziger made her followers angry by continually posting clickbait that made it seem like she was in Morocco with her boyfriend, Azan Tefou. Now, Nafziger is actually in Morocco but fans are still upset with her because in order to go visit Tefou, she had to leave her daughter May behind.

Nicole Nafziger and Azan Tefou
Nicole Nafziger and Azan Tefou | Instagram via alwayssnicole

Nicole and Azan have had a rocky relationship

Some couples on the show seem to really be enamored with one another. Tefou and Nafziger have never been one of those couples. From the moment TLC started to tell their story, fans called Tefou out for seeming completely uninterested in Nafziger. The two ended their season without getting married.

Later, they canceled their upcoming nuptials, claiming that it would be too expensive.

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In 2018, Nafziger and Tefou called off their wedding because it was going to be too expensive. With the unused money from the wedding, the two decided to open up a beauty shop in Morocco.

Nicole’s trip to Morocco

Nafziger finally made it back to Morocco in March. Unfortunately, shortly after she arrived, the borders closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Sucks everything is closed,” she wrote on her Instagram story. “I am still in Morocco for everyone who wants to know. Not going home just yet but I’m fine. We’re good.”

Because of the pandemic, Nafziger’s trip has lasted a lot longer than planned. Fans have been outraged at how long Nafziger has been away from her daughter.

“Nice to see her auntie puts May first,” one person commented on a photo of May. “You should be ashamed of yourself for not being with May and instead chasing some guy that doesn’t really want you around in Morocco.”

“When this sweet kid gets old enough to understand her mother’s desperation, and leaving her just to be with a man that doesn’t actually want her, I hope May will have someone to talk to,” another person commented.

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Nicole Nafziger responds to the haters

People have been telling Nafziger that she is technically allowed to come back to the US for weeks.

“For all those saying she can’t come home, she can,” one person commented on a recent photo. “If you’re American and need to get home, there are limited flights out and the American [government] is paying for the flight.”

By this point, Nafziger decided to set the record straight.

“Haha, they’re paying for it?” she responded. “I’d like to know where they said that because every time I’ve looked into it, it’s [2-3 times] the price of a normal flight that the passenger has to pay. Y’all think you’ve got it all figured out because of whatever you [hear], but [were] you one of the people who had to actually email the government to see? Nope. Stop judging my [life] and decisions. Just an idea. I know you won’t listen because it’s easier to pin me as a bad mom and gossip about the drama. Soon enough, y’all can take a [peek] into my real life. Maybe.”