90 Day Fiancé’: Nicole Nafziger Sparks Pregnancy Rumors Amid Azan Tefou Breakup

90 Day Fiancé stars Nicole Nafziger and Azan Tefou are done. The couple announced their split earlier this year. After years of fans wondering what was going on between them, Nicole announced the breakup in September. Now, fans are wondering if the TLC star is pregnant, and if so, could it be Azan’s baby?

Nicole Nafziger
Nicole Nafziger | Youtube @90DayFiance

Is ’90 Day Fiancé’ star Nicole Nafziger pregnant?

Whenever rumors begin to spread about Nicole, people are skeptical as she has been known to start the rumors herself by posting clickbait to get money. On Oct. 27, she posted a picture of a sonogram with the caption, “SURPRISE,” along with a pregnant emoji and heart emoji. The picture has since been deleted and according to InTouch, Nicole is not actually pregnant.

Nicole fakes pregnancies pretty often

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time that Nicole has pretended to be pregnant. Last year, she shared a picture of herself and a sonogram with the caption “all because two people fell in love. #linkinbio #soexcited.”

Of course, people thought she was announcing that she was pregnant but that wasn’t the case. Later, she deleted the post and denied being pregnant.

“No, I am not pregnant,” she wrote on her Instagram Story. “Sorry for the confusing post. Hope everyone is staying safe out there! Peace and love to all.”

Nicole and Azan’s breakup after ’90 Day Fiancé’

Nicole and Azan had a very rocky relationship. It was clear on the show that Nicole was more invested in the union than Azan was as he admitted that he wasn’t fully attracted to Nicole. The two planned on getting married but canceled their wedding in order to use the money to open a store in Morocco where Azan lived. However, the store never opened.

During the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Nicole visited Azan in Morocco and got stuck there for weeks, leaving her daughter, May, behind with family. After she returned, Nicole announced her and Azan’s split.

“I made a big decision in my life,” she captioned a post at the time. “I’m enrolled in college at SCF! It has been a challenge going back to school after so long. But I am determined to make a better life for me and my daughter. I am currently working on pre recs to get into the Radiology program. I’m so blessed to have the supportive family that I do. They help keep me going on the days that I doubt myself.

“For those who have asked, my relationship with Azan has ended,” she wrote. “I am currently concentrating on school and making sure my focus is on what’s important.”

Since then, Nicole has been focusing on herself. She has partnered with Boom Bod to promote weight loss shots as well as My Adventure to Fit to promote preworkout and collagen supplements.

Despite all of her progress, Nicole has still landed in hot water with fans several times for her constant clickbait posts and for promoting products that she may or may not actually use.

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