’90 Day Fiancé’: Paul Staehle Finally Finds a New Place for Karine and Their Son – but Does Karine Like It?

Since moving back to the United States with his family, Paul Staehle has struggled to find a place for them to stay for a while. On this week’s episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After, Paul finds a new place for his little family. Read on to learn all about it, and what Karine Staehle thinks of her new digs.

Paul Staehle has been struggling to find a new place for Karine and their son

Paul and Karine Staehle
Paul and Karine Staehle | staehlekarine via Instagram

After landing back in the states, Paul doesn’t get the support he was hoping for from his family. He can’t stay with his mother, and he’s forced to try and find a place all on his own. After looking at some less than ideal options for Karine and their son, Pierre, Paul finally finds a small house that’s more like a studio. He tries to make it presentable and ready for his family before showing Karine their new home.

Paul gets the new place ready before showing Karine

In the trailer park that Paul and Karine already looked in for housing options, someone moved out of a tiny house on the same property. It has a front porch, and it’s a studio-style home. Paul hooks up an air conditioner after struggling slightly with the whole thing. He gets to cleaning out the moldy refrigerator and making everything ready to show Karine.

Paul takes Karine to see their new home


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Karine says she wants the new place, and it’s a tense few moments while she looks around her new home. “I just want to have a place to call home,” Karine tells the cameras. “With walls, a bathroom, and enough space.”

She tells Paul the place is good, and when Paul asks if she likes it, she says, “I like it here.” However, there’s a problem. They don’t yet have curtains, and Karine is concerned about light coming in during the morning hours.

“I like the house, she’s cute, but we go to sleep and wake up without a curtain,” Karine says through the translator app. Paul gets to work on putting up a makeshift curtain until they can get proper curtains. He puts some pillows in one window, and Karine laughs.

“This house is definitely better than the other houses we saw before,” Karine explains. “Paul is really trying to make me happy. This house is the first step for me to feel comfortable here in the U.S., and right now, it makes me happy.”

Paul is relieved that Karine likes their new home. The next step is for Paul to find a job, and he knows it’s something he needs to secure to support and provide for his family.

It looks like things are getting better for Paul and Karine as they start their new lives in the United States. Will Paul be able to find a job to support his family? We’ll keep you updated on everything you need to know about the memorable couple.