’90 Day Fiancé’: Paul Staehle Says He ‘Will Prosecute’ If Karine Staehle Travels to Brazil With Their Son Without Telling Him

On 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After, Karine Staehle has been going through quite a lot. She moved from her home in Brazil to the United States to start a life with her husband, Paul Staehle, and their son, Pierre. However, things have been hard, and Paul has yet to find a job. Karine says she’ll give Paul two months to find a job, or she plans to go back to Brazil. After a few weeks have gone by and Paul is still no closer to finding a job, Karine goes to speak with an immigration lawyer. Then she tells Paul what she’s learned, and it doesn’t go well.

Karine Staehle speaks with an immigration lawyer

Paul and Karine Staehle
Paul and Karine Staehle | pauljasonstaehle via Instagram

Karine wants to know about traveling alone with Pierre, since she misses her family and wants to see them. “Things are not going well since I arrived in America,” Karine says. “A few weeks ago, I gave Paul two months to find work, but nothing has happened so far. So I want to talk to an immigration lawyer to know what the options are with my situation here.”

Karine finds an immigration lawyer with a Portuguese translator and learns that although her status says she can “come and go,” according to the lawyer, she can’t say if there will be problems or “backlash” because Paul has rights as well. The lawyer mentions that Paul could take things to family court, or even show up at the airport.

Karine tells Paul that she went to see a lawyer

Paul comes home after picking up some plantains at the store, and Karine asks him if he’s found a job yet. He says he’s applied, but no one is calling him back right now. Next, Karine straight up tells Paul that she went to see an immigration lawyer. Paul is concerned about how she even got to the lawyer’s office, and she explains that she caught an Uber. He asks why she went to the lawyer, and she explains that she wanted to know her rights.

“It’s like she’s going behind my back and planning something. She has the rights to do a lot more than a standard K-1 immigrant,” Paul tells producers. “She’s a legal permanent resident. She can drive, she can work, she can travel. She can do whatever she wants. I told her that.”

Paul is clearly confused as to why his wife is seeking the services of an immigration lawyer. “You’re a permanent resident. He’s a U.S. citizen. So, what did she answer to you that I haven’t already told you?” Paul inquires.

“She said that I have the right to travel with Pierre alone,” Karine tells him, and Paul questions that. Karine says she wants time with her family. “I just need some time with my son and my family,” Karine explains to her husband.

He tells her it’s “messed up.” “As Pierre’s father, I don’t want him traveling without me,” Paul replies, clearly upset.

Paul says he ‘will prosecute’ if Karine travels to Brazil with their son without telling him


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“Karine, I have legal rights here and in Brazil. OK? I have 50% rights to the child. If you’re going to go travel with him without letting me know, I’ll talk to my lawyer in Brazil, and I will fight with Brazilian law,” Paul declares.

Karine curses at Paul and says she doesn’t want to talk anymore. “I will prosecute,” Paul continues. “In Brazil and America, you can’t keep the child from me. I can go to Brazilian count.”

Although Karine says she wouldn’t keep Paul from seeing his son, that doesn’t seem to matter. Things are becoming explosive, and Karine starts to cry. Paul tries to hug her, and tells her to “calm down.” He says he loves her, and that he was “scared” she might leave.

What’s going to happen in this situation? It sounds like Karine is very unhappy with the way things are. Could she choose to leave for Brazil? Only time will tell.