’90 Day Fiancé’: Paul Staehle Says Karine Martins Disappeared After Massive Fight, Fans React

90 Day Fiancé stars Paul Staehle and Karine Martins have not had the best relationship. The two seem to always be fighting and arguing about every little thing. But the latest news on the couple might be the most dramatic update yet.

The couple got into an altercation during the week of July 26 that reportedly culminated in Karine taking off with their infant son Pierre. Fans could not be more disappointed by the revelation and have been on social media criticizing both sides.

Paul Staehle and Karine Martins of 90 Day Fiancé pose with baby Pierre
Paul Staehle and Karine Martins of 90 Day Fiancé pose with baby Pierre | pauljasonstaehle via Instagram

What happened with Paul Staehle and Karine Martins?

The drama began on Thursday, July 30 when Paul revealed that Karine had called the police on him. He took to Instagram Live to document his interaction with police as they arrived at his property.

“I don’t know what I’ve done,” he said. “I’m pro-police. I have nothing against you guys. I just want to know what’s going on.” Detailing what happened before things escalated, Paul explained, “We were doing a call, I look over, I see her talking to a Brazilian lawyer about child support and divorce. I asked her what’s going on with this.”

Paul claimed Karine became upset when confronted about her correspondence with the lawyer. He also told officers that Karine is the subject of an investigation by Child Protective Services and that she hadn’t been complying with an agreement she reached with the agency, before going on to accuse her of risky behavior with Pierre. As he and Karine started going back and forth, officers were heard trying to resolve their issues.

From there, things continued to escalate

After the fight, Karine reportedly got a restraining order against Paul. According to The Blast, Paul posted a screenshot of the order on social media in which Karine said Paul has “pushed me, grab my breast squeezing and twisting hurting me, pushing me to the floor.” 

Karine also accused him of rape and said that if she refuses, he becomes violent. She also alleged that he tracks her every move, holds her green card, and has taken control of their money to prevent her from leaving.


’90 Day Fiancé’: Paul Staehle Says Karine Martins Has Put Baby Pierre in a ‘Dangerous Situation’

Then on July 31, Paul announced that Karine had disappeared with Pierre. “Karine took off with Pierre and I don’t know where they are,” he said in a video posted to social media (via Us Weekly). Paul claimed his neighbors had told him she drove away without strapping their son into a car seat and that attempts to reach her had been unsuccessful.

Fans react to the drama between Paul Staehle and Karine Martins

Many fans were disappointed by the updates but not surprised. One viewer tweeted, “Heard the news of the disturbing but predictable events going on with Paul and Karine. TLC needs to be more responsible when vetting ppl for their shows. Stop giving pervs and abusers a platform.” Another person wrote, “TLC, please get Karine on a flight back to Brazil……”

Echoing that, a third person tweeted, “Paul should let Karine and Pierre go back to her family in Brazil before something that can’t be undone happens. Pierre shouldn’t be around this constant crazy fighting. Paul can make some $ and hire a lawyer for a parenting plan filed with the court.”

But others rallied behind Paul. “I believe Paul – I have known him for years and that’s just how I feel,” read one tweet. “Also Paul is as by the book as they come – if he’s doing this publicly I believe he’s being truthful.”

As of writing, neither of them has commented on the tweets.