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Rose is not happy with the way things have turned out with her lover Big Ed Brown. Since the show has aired, some fans have claimed that Brown has gotten a big head and thinks he’s the star of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days. Rose has been pretty silent about everything while the season has been airing, but she recently took to Instagram Live to say exactly how she feels about Brown and the way he has acted.

Rose 90 Day Fiance
Rose | Instagram @rose.vega7169

Big Ed lied to Rose

Brown wasn’t upfront with Rose from the start. He lied to her about his height and appearance and neglected to tell her that he didn’t want any more kids when he knew that having children was important to her.

“So, I wasn’t completely honest with Rose about [my height] and a couple of other things,” he told Entertainment Tonight. “It’s never a good idea to lie. You have to be honest and I’m learning that even if you have strong feelings for someone, it’s better to get it out in the open. If not, it’s gonna come back and bite you.”

Ed tried to change Rose

Brown has had a number of problems with Rose throughout the season. First, he wanted her to get an STD test to prove she was clean before sleeping with her. Then, he asked her to shave her legs for him.

Fans immediately called Brown out on social media for coercing Rose into shaving, saying that he was insensitive to Rose’s economic standing and the fact that shaving might not be her top priority when she is struggling to keep a roof over her head.

“I woke up last Sunday morning and it wasn’t a good morning because all of the haters came out,” he told Us Weekly after the backlash began. “I had asked Rose if she would shave her legs, and people were really upset about that. And I was having a conversation with my daughter Tiffany, and she’s like, ‘Dad, look, that’s completely normal. I live in San Diego. Everybody goes to the beach, people laser their legs.’ … So it wasn’t something that I was really used to.”

And in the upcoming episode, Brown reportedly tells Rose that her breath isn’t pretty and wants her to brush her teeth.

Rose says Ed never loved her

There have been rumors going around that Brown and Rose are no longer together. While neither of them can confirm or deny those rumors due to TLC’s NDA, Rose’s Instagram tirade pretty much revealed everything.

“How dare you,” she said in a now-deleted Instagram clip captured by John Yates.

“[Ed] doesn’t really care [about] me. He just wants to be famous, that’s why he’s doing that … He did not even give me a penny,” she said. She claimed that he was telling lies about her. She didn’t specify which lies she was talking about, but Brown’s family has been alleging that Rose used him for money.

She went on to say that Brown did not love her.

“I feel hurt for now,” she said.

Are Rose and Ed together now?

Neither has revealed whether they stayed together or not, but there have been rumors going around that Rose is currently engaged to someone else.

Brown recently told Entertainment Tonight that he had no idea if that was true.

“You know, half the stuff I read online — not like half the stuff, more like 90 percent of the stuff I read online — is not true,” he said. “It’s people grabbing information, and bits and bits of information and they’re just creating fake news. They don’t know what’s going on. I know what’s going on in my heart.”