’90 Day Fiancé’: Rose Vega Has Been Making Some Major Moves Since Breaking up With Big Ed Brown

Rose Vega and Big Ed Brown have been broken up for a while. In fact, they didn’t even make it through their season of  90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days together. When Brown and Vega were together, Vega had trouble standing up for herself but now that she is single, she is bettering her life in more ways than one.

Big Ed Brown and Rose Vega’s relationship

Brown and Vega’s relationship was rough from the beginning. Not only did Brown being with Vega cause his only daughter to stop talking to him but he also lied about a number of things. Though Vega stayed with Brown despite his lies, he continued to disrespect her throughout his time in the Philipines. He asked her to take an STD test, told her to shave her legs, and gave her mouthwash because he said her breath stank. Vega stayed in the relationship until Brown admitted that he did not want kids.

“I should have been more truthful,” Brown told Vega on the show. “I apologize. I should’ve said I don’t want more kids, but I wanted to get to know you. I wanted [you] to get to know me to make sure we are compatible.”

“I know who [you are]. I think,” Vega responded. “First [you] lied to me about [your] height. Right? Then, you want to give me an STD test right? And about mouthwash, why you tell me? You know I [am] sick, I have [an] ulcer.

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“I’m disappointed because you always embarrassed me,” she continued. “I think [you] don’t love me. I’m done.”

What has Rose Vega been doing since the breakup?

Since the breakup, Vega has been building a pretty big following on Instagram. She now has 578,000 followers compared to her ex’s 454,000. Vega has gotten a makeover, complete with highlights to her hair and professional makeup.

Vega has also been working on becoming more independent. She recently started learning how to drive.

“I am learning to drive to increase my knowledge,” she captioned a picture of her behind the wheel. “I am grateful to my older brother because he is careful in teaching me. He is not an easy lesson but in your heart and mind he wants to learn from me when he is successful.”

When Vega was with Brown, he famously made fun of her housing situation.

“There’s exposed wires everywhere and the water was dripping inside, and the electricity kept coming on and going off, so that fan would go on and off, so, that scared me,” he told Entertainment Tonight.

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Vega has since gotten a new place and has been sharing the renovation process with fans on YouTube. The new home has multiple rooms and more than one level which is an amazing upgrade for Vega, who was used to sharing a smaller space with her family.

Fans of Vega have been extremely excited to see the star move on and do well for herself. Her viewers commonly leave encouraging comments on her YouTube channel. Her house tour video got over 100,000 views in less than 24 hours.