’90 Day Fiancé’: Rose Vega Just Leveled Up in a Major Way and Increased Her Net Worth

When Rose Vega appeared on 90 Day Fiancé with Big Ed Brown, she shared a home with her family and people accused her of using Brown for money. Now that they have broken up, Vega has proved that she doesn’t need Brown or anyone else to help her make a living. Fans have been loving Vega’s glow-up journey. Recently, she made a purchase that is sure to increase her net worth.

’90 Day Fiancé’: Rose and Ed’s relationship

When Brown came to visit Vega in the Philippines, he stayed with her in her family home for a night. The state of Vega’s home was not what Brown was expecting.

“The conditions were unanticipated,” Brown told Entertainment Tonight after the season ended. “I knew going in that it wasn’t going to be a pleasant experience, but I didn’t expect it to be as bad as it was. There was, like, a monsoon and the electricity went out, and it pretty much rained on me, like, ‘drip drip,’ all night long.”

He continued, saying that Vega’s house was unsafe.

“There’s exposed wires everywhere and the water was dripping inside, and the electricity kept coming on and going off, so that fan would go on and off, so, that scared me,” he said. “So, I was worried about getting electrocuted. I was getting bit by mosquitoes and my co-worker said they have mosquitoes that can fly and of course, they didn’t have any windows, and so all of that was weighing on my mind. I was just miserable.”

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Rose Vega’s makeover

Since the show ended, Vega has amassed a following of over 500,000 people on Instagram. She no longer lives in the home with her family that had no windows or doors. She bought land and built a two-story home for her and her son, Prince. In the new home, she and Prince have their own bedrooms and Vega even has an ensuite bathroom.

Vega has also been learning how to drive so she can be more indepedent.

“I am learning to drive to increase my knowledge,” she captioned a picture of her in a car. “I am grateful to my older brother because he is careful in teaching me. He is not an easy lesson but in your heart and mind he wants to learn from me when he is successful.”

Rose Vega reveals her farm on YouTube

Vega recently revealed that she bought a farm in Bicol, which is an area of the Philipines that brings a lot of adventure-seeking tourists. In a YouTube video, Vega shared that she and her family were vacationing at the farm, dubbed Ala Negra Resort.

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Purchasing the farm has taken some time. First, Vega bought five hectares of land before purchasing the rest. So far, she has put fences up to mark off her land. She and her family have been busy planting things on the land and turning the farm into Vega’s dream.