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Rose Vega and Big Ed Brown had one of the more controversial relationships on 90 Day Fiancé. The two have been having it out recently online with Ed claiming that Rose was using him for his money and Rose claiming that Ed used her for fame.

During their courtship, there were several times that Rose appeared to be a little more than displeased with Ed. Let’s just say that fans noticed right away that Rose lacked a poker face–whatever she was thinking of Big Ed read clear as day in her facial expressions and body language. And sometimes she even voiced her disgust for her potential partner.

Rose 90 Day Fiance
Rose | Instagram @rose.vega7169

Here are four of Rose’s best digs at Big Ed.

When Rose told Big Ed that he was short

Right off the bat, Rose told Ed what she thought about his height. He’d originally told her that he was 5’2″ when he was, in fact, 4’11”. Rose picked up on his exaggerated stature right away and called him out on it.

“You’re short to me,” she said.

In her talking head interview she laughed, “He is really big, but short.”

When monkies scared Ed and Rose laughed

Remember when a monkey stole Big Ed’s banana and he was terrified? Rose found the whole ordeal to be pretty funny.

“First I was kind of excited but then I realized that we were kind of surrounded by probably 10 or 15 monkeys staring at us. Staring at me. Rose didn’t seem to be affected by it at all but I was sh*tting my pants,” he told the camera.

In Rose’s interview, she said: “I like monkey. I love monkey! But Ed is scared and he don’t want mokey, I know. I think this funny.”

When Rose told Ed he was ugly after he gifted her a toothbrush

90 Day Fiancé fans surely remember the cringe-worthy conversation Ed had with Rose about oral hygiene where he told her her breath wasn’t “pretty.” Rose explained that she does brush her teeth, but she has a stomach ulcer that affects her breath. After their conversation, as she was walking away, Ed said, “I love you!” and Rose responded, “You’re ugly.”

When Rose confronted Ed about lying about wanting kids


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But perhaps Rose’s biggest digs to and about Ed were straight to his face. When she confronted him about his vasectomy, she told him she has a pretty good idea of who he is. She mentioned the times he’d lied, she mentioned when he made her feel bad about having an ulcer and when he asked her to get tested. She said, “I think you not love me” and “I’m done.”

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