’90 Day Fiancé’: Sasha Larina’s Exes Reject Baby David As Family

90 Day Fiancé star Sasha Larina made headlines recently after judging Emily Larina’s sister, Betsy, over her food choices. Betsy responded to the criticism she received via an Instagram post, and many fans were quick to jump to her defense. Now, another emotional hurdle looms — Emily Larina is claiming that Sasha’s exes don’t see David as part of their family. And what’s more, she seems to have some doubts about her future with Sasha. 

Emily Larina says the exes rejected David

Emily Larina and David
Emily Larina and David | emily.larina via Instagram

Many fans have expressed concern that Sasha Larina might be a serial impregnator. The 90 Day Fiancé star has been married twice before Emily Larina, and has had a son with each one of his ex-wives. 

Emily, however, claims that Sasha’s first ex-wife begged him to have a baby with her. She also wrote via her Instagram story that his exes refuse to consider her baby with Sasha, David, as part of their family. 

As reported by SoapDirt, Emily wrote, “The final knife in my heart was after 3 years of Sasha and I being together, she agreed to let her son meet David. She backed out of that too and basically told us they aren’t brothers. She told us he didn’t want to meet him. I don’t know if they ever will. Custody laws in Russia favor the mother 100%.”

One fan asked, “Why doesn’t Sasha’s other baby mamas consider David a brother to their kids?”

Emily replied, in part, “I honestly don’t know. Every time we made a plan for David to spend time with his brothers they canceled. One even said Sasha could only see his child on social.”

It sounds as if Sasha’s ex-wives are pretty intent on keeping David out of their lives. 

Sasha Larina’s mother isn’t so sure

Sasha Larina and David
Sasha Larina and David | emily.larina via Instagram

Meanwhile, Sasha Larina’s own mother doesn’t seem sure as to whether or not her son will manage to make this marriage work. While she seems to hope he will, she does reference his history with other women. 

She told the 90 Day Fiancé producers, “I am very worried about their future together. I mean, I know Sasha well…he already has two marriages behind him. I just don’t want to think the worst.”

It wasn’t much of a vote of confidence in her own son, but it’s hard to blame her when she’s seen Sasha go through two previous marriages — and two previous sons as well. 

Emily Larina is worried about Sasha staying faithful

It seems Sasha Larina’s mother isn’t alone — Emily Larina isn’t feeling absolutely secure with Sasha Larina herself. 

Sasha said of the move, “I really believe America is a land of opportunity. If I work hard, I’ll make my career as a personal trainer and fitness model. So I will buy a house, I will buy cars, and we will live a happy life together.”

While Sasha seemed excited to be in the U.S., Emily had doubts. “I don’t want to be a third divorce because you see someone better,” Emily Larina told Sasha at one point during a workout. 

Sasha replied, “You are a pretty girl, and I love you.” Probably not the major reassurance that Emily was looking for.