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90 Day Fiancé is back with an all-new season, and it couldn’t get here at a more perfect time. Previous couples from 90 Day Fiancé history will return: Mike and Natalie, Rebecca and Zied, and Tarik and Hazel. There are also four new couples that fans will get to know as well: Brandon and Julia, Jovi and Yara, Stephanie and Ryan, and Andrew and Amira.

How did Brandon and Julia meet?

Brandon and Julia on '90 Day Fiancé'
Brandon and Julia on ’90 Day Fiancé’ | TLC

One of the couples highlighted, Brandon and Julia, met in a very unique way. Brandon–27 who’s from Dinwiddie, VA, met Julia–26 from Krasnodar, Russia, when his best friend was at a club where he saw Julia working as a go-go dancer. The couple met over video chat, and things grew from there.

The duo talked on the phone numerous times, and decided to meet in person after several weeks had gone by. There’s when Brandon asked her to be his girlfriend. They tried to get Julia a visitor’s visa, but when she mentioned that Brandon was her boyfriend, Brandon says she was told she needed to apply for the K-1 visa instead. So on Brandon’s second trip to see her, this time in Iceland, he proposed after five months of dating.

Brandon told a producer his reasoning behind proposing to Julia after only meeting on two trips: “There’s no shot of her getting a visitor’s visa, so it was either go for the K-1 visa, or just walk away from this thing, and I said let’s just go down this road, see where it goes. This was really the only option.”

Although we haven’t seen these two meet in the series yet, it’s clear they have differences. Julia is from the city and works as a dancer, and Brandon works in pest control and on a farm. It’s unclear how things will work once Julia gets to the farm.

Brandon is close with his parents, and he helps out on the farm

Brandon is close with his parents, Ron and Betty. They even signed him up for a dating app for farmers, but he didn’t end up needing to use it. Brandon helps his parents every day on the farm before going to work in pest control. They also have a dog breeding kennel business, which he also helps out with. Brandon says the plan is for him to take over the businesses at some point.

“I’m definitely very close to my parents,” Brandon tells producers with Ron and Betty on either side of him. He admits his dad is one of his best friends. As for his mom, he says she “can be a little controlling” saying she’s always telling him “what to do.” His parents even decided that when Julia arrives in Virginia, she’ll stay in a separate room than Brandon, which is sure to cause some friction.

Brandon’s mother speaks to a gynecologist for her son’s fiancé


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Brandon’s parents have decided to accompany him to the airport in Washington, D.C., as Betty told her son she would pay for Julia’s flight and fund her first weekend in D.C. “to go sightseeing.” Plus, the couple can even share a hotel room.

Before Julia arrives, Betty asks her son if Julia is on birth control, and Brandon says that she isn’t. Betty inquires if “she doesn’t want to be,” and her son says, “No, she doesn’t.”

His mother mentions that she’d “be happy” to take Julia to a doctor about it. “She’s not gonna take it,” Brandon tells his mother. He also mentions that the couple isn’t “being safe,” which his parents call “crazy.”

On the car ride to the airport, Betty gets a phone call from her doctor, who happens to be a gynecologist. “Well thank you doctor for calling me back,” Betty says. “Yes, my son’s fiancé is coming into town. One of the things that we were concerned about is she has not been on any form of birth control.” She continues, saying they aren’t “planning on starting a family just yet.” She adds: “And so one of the things that I’d like to do is let her come in and maybe speak with you.”

Brandon says he didn’t “expect” this to happen. “My mom’s on the phone with a gynecologist right now,” Brandon tells the cameras. “I did not expect this at all. She can call whoever she wants to, she can talk to them. Is that going to change anything? No. She can’t make Julia’s decision for her.”

Betty believes the couple should be on some form of birth control, and it’s kind of obvious based on this phone conversation. “I just think that they need to be on some kind of birth control,” Brandon’s mom continues on the phone with her son right there in the car. Brandon says it’s “easier to ignore this.” Betty mentions that the doctor is going to give Julia a “consultation,” and that it makes her feel “much better.”

Brandon doesn’t respond to the whole thing. But in the preview for the season, Brandon is with Julia as she takes a pregnancy test, so we’ll have to see what this all means for their future.