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There’s a brand-new season of 90 Day Fiancé and it brings with it new and familiar faces. Previous couples from the 90 Day Fiancé franchise will return: Mike and Natalie, Rebecca and Zied, and Tarik and Hazel. There will also be new couples to add to the mix: Jovi and Yara, Brandon and Julia, Stephanie and Ryan, and Andrew and Amira.

How did Yara and Jovi meet?

Yara and Jovi on '90 Day Fiancé'
Yara and Jovi on ’90 Day Fiancé’ | TLC

Jovi, who is 29-years-old and living in New Orleans, LA, is engaged to Yara, a make-up artist who is 25 and from Kyiv, Ukraine. Jovi frequently hunts and goes fishing, and he works in underwater robotics. His job allows him to travel a lot, and he works “four weeks on, four weeks off.” He is used to choosing a country and spending his month off there. He downloaded a travel app, and that’s how he met Yara. He went to meet her in Budapest, and what he thought was a fling for a few days, turned into something more.

The two have some differences though, as Jovi says Yara loves “all her luxury things. Her shoes, her bags, her clothes.” Whereas he reveals he’s “a very simple kind of person.” But Jovi admits they’re “both family-oriented,” which is “important” to him.

The two traveled several times together, going to the Dominican Republic as well as Bali, and of course, Ukraine, where Yara lives. However, Yara became pregnant, and it wasn’t expected or planned. Jovi thought she was “trying to trap” him. However, Jovi says “after the shock wore off,” the two became closer, and after being together six months, Jovi proposed to Yara, which began the process for the K-1 visa.

Yara then had a miscarriage, and despite Jovi’s “cold feet” upon returning to the United States, they’ve stayed together, and he is feeling better about things. Now with Yara’s K-1 visa approved, she heads to the United States to start a life with Jovi.

What happens when Yara and Jovi reunite?


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Jovi will have to leave for work shortly after Yara’s arrival for a month, which gives them less than 90 days to wed. Despite the people in his life having doubts about the situation, Yara arrives in the United States. Jovi brings flowers with him, since he says Yara told him if he didn’t get flowers, not to show up at the airport.

“Sometimes, you know, I go to sleep at night I’m thinking like, ‘OK what am I really doing now? Is this what was meant for me?’” Jovi admits. “And I just keep thinking, ‘Like OK. Everything will be good.’ But who knows what can happen?”

Jovi arrives at the airport, and Yara eventually comes down the escalator from her flight. He has a big smile on his face while holding the flowers, and he walks toward the escalator to greet her. But things don’t play out as you might expect. Yara doesn’t seem super thrilled after a 30-hour flight, and it’s pretty obvious in their interaction.

“Finally,” Jovi says, with his arm outstretched to embrace her.

But her response is a little different. “Jovi, can you just step away? Why don’t you stop somewhere?” Yara says to him. However, she does greet him and hug him.

“I get to finally see you,” he says as they embrace. Yara mentions that she smells “bad,” since she’s been on a flight for a long time. “I feel gross.”

A producer asks how they’re feeling, and Jovi says he’s “feeling pretty good.” He also says he’s “happy she’s here.” Yara’s response has a different vibe to it though: “Good,” she says to Jovi. “How should I feel as a person who flies 30 hours? I feel tired. I feel tired. I don’t feel excited. I just feel tired. That’s how I feel, that’s all.”

Then Yara wonders out loud why it was “such a long flight.” “Is the flight is so long because Jovi is economic? He loves to keep his money,” she says. Jovi replies that he’s “smart.”

It doesn’t end there, and Yara adds: “He thinks that he is smart, but I think different, but that’s OK.”

Jovi gets Yara’s bags, and they head home to their apartment. When asked what she loves most about her fiancé, Yara tells a producer, “I don’t know what exactly I love about Jovi. I mean, he have a good body. Not now. Before.” However, she says she loves him. “It’s not like this crazy love where I will jump from the mountains. But I feel like, I miss him.” She also adds that they’ve been together for a while, and it “means something.” She also says, “I’ve not dropped him yet.”

Jovi wants to take Yara out to see New Orleans that same night, but Yara isn’t feeling it, since Jovi wants to take her to Bourbon Street. However, Yara says she just wants to take a shower and go to sleep. Jovi admits it wasn’t the way he thought her first night in New Orleans would go.

In a preview for upcoming episodes, Yara speaks to Jovi about him drinking whiskey in the morning. She calls him an “alcoholic,” and he tells her to “shut up.” They’ll clash on another occasion as well, when Yara says she deserves “somebody better.”

What will happen between Yara and Jovi? We’ll have to see how things play out in season 8 of 90 Day Fiancé.