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The much anticipated 90 Day Fiancé Season 9 is almost here! Fans can follow the cast on Instagram to get to know them before the show airs on April 17. Here are the 90 Day Fiancé Season 9 cast members’ Instagram handles and where to follow them. Let’s get stalking!

Patrick and Thais pose together in the studio in Dallas, Texas, as seen on 90 Day Fiance.
Patrick and Thaís, ’90 Day Fiancé’ Season 9 | TLC

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Kobe and Emily

90 Day Fiancé fans can follow Kobe on Instagram @kobe_blaise. The new cast member’s Instagram grid consists of photos of his son, Koban, his travels in his native country Cameroon, and shirtless thirst traps. Check out his Instagram below:

90 Day Fiancé fans can follow Kobe’s fiancée, Emily’s Instagram @emm_babbyy. Her feed consists of adorable baby photos of Koben, cute couple photos, and selfies. Check out her Instagram below:

Biniyam and Ariela

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star, Biniyam’s Instagram is @biniyam_shibreis. His grid is made of videos of him doing stunts, dancing, and doing his mother-in-law’s hair. Check out his Instagram below:

His fiancé, Ariela’s Instagram has a diverse mix of photos of her son Avi, her many travels, and of course, many selfies. Check out her post below:

Kara and Guillermo

90 Day Fiancé newbie Kara goes by the username @karaleona on Instagram. Her grid consists of her musical ventures, her travels, and many bikini pics on the beach. Check out Kara’s post below:

Her fiancé, Guillermo, is on Instagram as @guillermorojer. His Instagram posts consist of photos and videos of him enjoying beaches with his friends and family. Check out Guillermo’s post below:

Shaeeda and Bilal

Next, there’s Shaeeda, who is already semi-Instagram famous. Her Instagram, @westindianbella, is mostly photos of her showing off her flexibility by doing yoga poses in various locations. Check out her photo below:

Her fiancé, Bilal is on Instagram as @bilalhazziez. His posts showcase his wide variety of suits and his passion for traveling. Check out his post below:

Miona and Jibri

Serbian beauty, Miona, already has over 35k followers on her Instagram @mionabell. Her grid is made up of many Influencer-type photos, showing off her outfits and occasionally her man. Check out one of her photos below:

Her fiancé, Jibri, currently has over 13k followers on Instagram @jibribell. His grid is colorful with an eclectic mix of his travels, music, and fiancée. Check out his latest post below:

Mohamed and Yvette

While Yvette isn’t currently on Instagram, her fiancé, Mohamed, is, under the username @mo_ahmed55555. His Instagram includes many photos of him working on his physique in the gym and him free diving in the sea. Check out his post below:

Patrick and Thaís

Weightlifter champion Patrick is on Instagram with over 19k followers, under the username @buffmendes. His Instagram grid consists of videos of him powerlifting in the gym and pictures of him with his fiancée, Thaís. Check out his post below:

His fiancée, Thaís is on Instagram as @tharamoniee. Her grid is made up of professional modeling photos and her enjoying the beach. Check out her post below:

90 Day Fiancé, Season 9 airs April 17 on TLC and to stream on discovery+.