’90 Day Fiancé’: Some Fans Blast Stephanie Matto’s Behavior At Erika Owens’ Outback Party, Some Sympathize

90 Day Fiancé couple Erika Owens and Stephanie Matto have seen a variety of judgments coming from fans. Some fans think Owens was too aggressive with Matto, and others think Matto advertised a false persona to Owens. Matto has also faced speculation from fans about her sexuality and purpose on the show, with some claiming she might be doing it for social media clout. Now, following a party at with Erika Owens and her friends that didn’t go so well, Matto is facing even more backlash from some 90 Day Fiancé fans.

Stephanie Matto responds to speculation about her sexuality

When 90 Day Fiancé star Stephanie Matto started out on the show, some fans suspected she was faking her “first bisexual experience” storyline for TLC. This is due to Matto having a video on her YouTube channel that was previously entitled, “I Was in Love With a Girl | My First Bisexual Experience.” It has since been retitled, “I Was in Love With a Girl.”

Matto addressed this speculation on her Instagram account, where she cleared the air. She wrote, “My final time addressing this. First of all: this is NOT a coming out video. Nowhere in this video did I come out. This was a video about an experience I had with a girl I thought I was in love with.”

Matto went on to add, “My mom never watched my channel 3 years ago when I made this. I’ve made videos about anal sex, dildos, and all sorts of things she has NO interest in. This video was also buried in over 3 years worth of videos (about 800 in total). I recently made it my main page video because obviously the cat is out of the bag now and I figured I would share it now for all the naysayers who would try to say, ‘she’s just bi for the show.’”

Stephanie Matto also addressed fans who commented on how uncomfortable she seemed with intimacy when it came to Erika Owens. She explained that her chronic illness makes intimacy challenging for her. 

Stephanie Matto seemed uncomfortable at Erika Owens’ party

During a recent episode of 90 Day Fiancé, Erika Owens took Stephanie Matto to meet her friends at a local party. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as well as Owens may have hoped. 

Matto seemed somewhat out of her element at the party. Owens friends were kicking back with plenty of drinks, and Owens wound up chugging from a keg hose. When Owens released a mighty belch, Matto seemed repulsed. 

Owens admitted to Matto that she had been intimate with some of the people at the party in the past. She also had a close male friend with whom she had made out previously, and with whom she shared a very close relationship. Matto seemed to feel very uncomfortable with the fact that she and Erika Owens were surrounded by Owens’ previous lovers or partners.  

‘90 Day Fiancé’ fans seem split on how to react

Stephanie Matto dated Erika Owens on 90 Day Fiancé
Stephanie Matto of 90 Day Fiancé | stepankamatto via Instagram

90 Day Fiancé fans seem split on Stephanie Matto’s reaction to the party. Some felt as though Matto was being a wet blanket at the event, and feeling unreasonably jealous about Erika Owens’ previous partners. 

Other fans felt as though Matto’s reactions were justified, and that some of the partygoers were downright cold to Matto. Owens shared a clip from the party, commenting on how much she loves her friends. One Instagram user said of Matto, “Stephanies that one girl you just can’t bring to parties or anything where fun is going to be because her whole face will just kill the mood.”

A Redditor opined in part, “Stephanie is acting like a child with no relationship experience whatsoever. I don’t know if it’s because the time she spent in and out of the hospital or her ‘social media’ was too much for anyone who she did start a relationship with, but she doesn’t understand the saying ‘there’s a time and a place.’ She does not own her mistakes nor does she try and compromise with Erika. She claims she’s a prude but has 3 separate social media accounts specifically for selling porn of herself (Patreon, Snapchat, and OnlyFans). This girl is either a complete fraud, or is just absolutely incapable of being a reciprocative/supportive partner.”

Other Redditors had Stephanie Matto’s back, however. One user said they felt as though Matto was thrust into a situation where she was treated poorly. They wrote in part, “As an Australian, I was appalled by how Stephanie was treated at the party. First, Stephanie has every right to ask questions about why a guy is all over her supposed partner and keep in mind they even sleep in the same bed together. She asked in a very respectful way and only escalated when Erika fully attacked her in front of everyone.”

Another user added, “I saw how cold and standoffish they were to Stephanie too. Probably didn’t help that Steph has fought with Erika almost daily since she got there and then Erika tells her friends.”