’90 Day Fiancé’ Star Larissa Lima Claims the Show ‘Created’ Her Surgery and Loan Storyline for Drama

Larissa Dos Santos Lima is spilling the beans after being fired from 90 Day Fiancé. The reality star recently revealed that her infamous surgery and loan storyline this past season was created by the show to entertain viewers. 

Larissa Dos Santos Lima | Bryan Steffy/Getty Images

She was fired from the ’90 Day Fiancé’ franchise in September

Larissa is undoubtedly one of the most talked-about stars on 90 Day Fiancé. So when she was fired from the franchise in September, fans were left shocked. The reality star made the announcement on Instagram, citing her revealing CamSoda appearance as the reason. 

Then, in a chat with blogger John Yates, Larissa revealed that she was arrested by ICE the day after being fired. She suggested it might have been the show’s producers that arranged her arrest, calling them “big fish” with attorneys who could easily get in touch with immigration.

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She’s had a tough time behind the scenes

In her chat with Yates, Larissa revealed that she fought with 90 Day Fiancé producers behind the scenes. She said that they pushed her to film, even when she wasn’t feeling well. 

“It was not good for them,” she said. “It was not good for me — I was tired, I was tired to work, to film for hours, and they just show two minutes.”

Larissa also claimed that a fight with series’ producers over her social media photos made her blood pressure soar. And as a result, she ended up in the hospital. 

“We start to argue, and I was just left the surgery,” Larissa explained. “My pressure was so high that I ended up in the hospital. Because after you do a boob job — any surgery, you can not have your pressure high, or you’re going to end up in the hospital.”

Larissa claims a lot of her ’90 Day Fiancé’ drama was staged

Since leaving the  90 Day Fiancé franchise, Larissa has been candid about her experiences with the series. In one Instagram story, she claimed producers asked her to be rude to other cast members during the Tell All to create drama. 

“I’m thinking a lot if I should release my truth about reality television or not,” Larissa wrote in the post. “This is [an] industry that is far away of a family company. The worst part for [me] was the reunion when the producers force you to fight against others cast members or you will not get a new season. Imagine you with depression, anxiety, been in the position to attack others cast members until someone bleed, it was heartbreaking.”

And in a recent Instagram Q & A, Larissa talked about her storyline on the show. On this past season of Happily Ever After, she asked her boyfriend, Eric Nichols, for nearly $30,000 to get plastic surgery. 

But when a fan asked if she had paid Eric back, Larissa revealed that the entire storyline was faked. “The Surgery thing was created by the show to get people talking about [it],” she wrote. 

Larissa also noted that she paid for all of her surgeries herself and never borrowed money from Eric. “I paid [for the surgeries] myself, I always have income, my cameos was $100,” she added.

Now that Larissa is off of the show, she’s keeping her fans updated via social media. She also has a Youtube channel in the works.