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90 Day Fiancé couple Mohamed Jbali and Danielle Jbali had a troubling relationship. The couple was an odd match from the get go. A large age gap and some fibbing from Danielle Jbali seemed to be major issues. Danielle had hidden from Mohamed the fact that she was very short on money, and couldn’t seem to hold down a job. 

Meanwhile, others thought Mohamed was simply using Danielle for a green card. Now, with the couple split and Danielle Jbali allegedly seeing someone new, Mohamed seems to be trying to live his best life in America. However, his fans don’t think he’s quite got the hang of it yet. 

Danielle went for deportation

When the 90 Day Fiancé couple ended their relationship, things were very messy. Mohamed Jbali was not happy with Danielle Jbali for several reasons. One of the major issues for him was the fact that Danielle Jbali frequently lied about her financial situation. 

Danielle was, in fact, struggling to even pay her utilities when the two were together on the TLC show. Danielle struggled to make ends meet, and in one episode even revealed to Mohamed that she’d been laid off at her current job. 

Meanwhile, two months after getting his green card, Mohamed Jbali bailed on Danielle and fled to Miami. It was clear that he wasn’t happy with Danielle, but it certainly wasn’t a stand-up move for him to make. These days, he’s living in Texas

However, when he initially ran from Danielle Jbali, she tried to get him deported. Danielle Jbali claims that Mohamed begged her to file for divorce and not an annulment so that he wouldn’t get deported. Danielle felt she had been used, so she wound up filing for the annulment in an attempt to get Mohamed removed from the U.S.

In a clip from the show, Danielle approached Mohammed, literally throws a binder full of details about their marriage at him, and yells, “You told me what I wanted to hear to get me to pull that annulment! I am going to guarantee I will get your f*cking a** deported! You’re a f*cking user!”

Is Mohamed Jbali dating again? 

Mohamed Jbali stayed relatively quiet when it came to the dating scene following his split from Danielle Jbali. However, it seems as if the 90 Day Fiancé star is ready to change that. 

In a recent Instagram story, Jbali wrote, “Been taking a very long break. Maybe it’s about time to find [an] interesting person to talk to.” 

Mohamed Jbali was previously spotted on Minder, a dating service similar to Tinder in style, oriented specifically towards Muslims. While it remains unclear that this moment whether or not Mohamed Jbali has found someone new to spend his quality time with, it’s clear that he’s sick of being single and looking for someone new to be with. 

Fans mock his breakfast concoction

Since all of his relationship drama, it seems as if Mohamed Jbali has been trying to live his best life in Texas. His Instagram often features images of the local scenery, as well as his big beautiful Akita pup. 

However, it seems there’s one thing Mohamed hasn’t really mastered yet — cooking. In a now-deleted post, Mohamed shared his breakfast for the day. “The simplest is the most delicious! Tortilla, egg and cheese,” he wrote. A pretty innocuous breakfast, and usually pretty easy to pull off, but suffice it to say it did not look good. Part of the reason was Mohamed’s choice to use prepackaged cheese singles.

Users were quick to point this out. One wrote, “Never use Kraft Singles on Mexican food or pretend Mexican food. Or any food. Or take a pic of a dish with Kraft Singles; it’s an insult to foodie nation!!”

Another user wrote, “You should use literally any other type of cheese than that lmao. It’s not even real cheese.”