’90 Day Fiancé’ Star Tom Brooks Blasted By Fans for Fake Luxury Photos

Fans have been on the fence about Darcey Silva’s new 90 Day Fiancé flame. Recent developments may have turned them against him entirely. Tom Brooks purports to be a gentleman with a luxury lifestyle, but it turns out that might not be the case at all. In fact, Brooks has been caught stealing luxury lifestyle photos on Instagram and passing them off as his own. 

Since then, Brooks hasn’t done much to defend his actions, and fans seem to be coming to the conclusion that he might just be a fraud. Here’s what went down. 

Tom Brooks’ fake luxury photos

Tom Brooks Instagram was previously filled with pictures of what appeared to be a luxury lifestyle. Now, some of those pictures have been taken down. The reason? They were stolen from others, and Brooks got called out. 

Instagram account fraudedbytlc has been exposing Tom Brooks’ various image thefts recently, and there are more than 90 Day Fiancé fans might expect. In fact, the amount of lifestyle images Brooks stole and passed off as his own is downright embarrassing. 

In one example, fraudedbytlc posted side-by-side screenshots of the same photo. One in its original form, and the other posted by Tom Brooks. The first image shows a box of Louis Vuitton fragrances posted by user lvip_mario. The second image shows a screenshot taken by the original poster of an Instagram post made by Tom Brooks. It’s the exact same image as the original post, with the caption altered by Books, suggesting the fragrances were his own. The original user called Brooks out in the screencap. 

Fraudedbytlc has posted multiple other examples of the same style of luxury lifestyle photo theft, side by side. It’s become increasingly clear that Brooks is simply stealing images of a lifestyle he wishes to emulate, and passing them off as his own. 

Fans react to Brooks’ fraud 

Fans were obviously upset and confused by Brooks’ fraud. And naturally, they had plenty to say to him about the matter. 

One user highlighted how embarrassing it is for a grown man to be doing what Brooks is doing. “Wow! This can’t be a real adult man doing this. Unbelievable,” they wrote.

Another user suggested Brooks lied to get Darcey. “He definitely can’t buy class. Looks like he can’t afford much of anything at all. It’s okay, Tom. No judgement here. I can’t afford this either. I mean.. I wouldn’t go on TV or social media to lie about it though, (especially knowing people can easily figure you out), no offense but Darcy isn’t that classy… don’t have to lie to get her,” they wrote.

“So he just out here stealing pics so he must not have a life at all,” suggested another user. Another disgruntled 90 Day Fiancé fan simply called him a catfish.

Tom Brooks’ flimsy defense 

Meanwhile, Tom Brooks has been doing very little to defend himself from the accusations and comments on his Instagram page. Brooks has made two separate claims about the stolen photos, however. 

In one comment, Brooks’ tries to pass his theft off as some sort of artistic commentary. According to Brooks, pretending to live a luxurious lifestyle is actually a “commentary on consumerism.” 

In another Instagram comment, Brooks claimed that he simply enjoyed the content of the images. “I post 6 photos of the things I liked, get over it already. But thanks to all the hate, my algorithms are going crazy.”

As much as Brooks might like to claim that he simply posted images of things he enjoyed, it still seems to fans that he was trying to pass of a specific lifestyle.