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The stars of 90 Day Fiancé are not necessarily always happy with the way that things happen during filming. Several of them have complained about the way that their storylines have been edited or the way that fans have treated them after the show aired. But very few have ever claimed that a crime was committed against them during filming. Recently, season 8 castmember Stephanie Davidson revealed some horrible things that happened to her during filming.

Ryan and Stephanie | TLC

Stephanie and Ryan’s relationship

The 90 Day Fiancé franchise is no stranger to big age gaps. But Davidson and Ryan’s is nothing to scoff at. Davidson, 52, fell in love with 27-year-old Ryan while on vacation in Belize. She said that initially their relationship was platonic but after she got back home to Michigan, she continued thinking about him. Four months later, she went back to visit him and the two started dating. After dating for three years, they applied for the K-1 visa.

“I never thought I was going to let anybody in,” Davidson said on the show. “But I’m tearing down this huge wall that I’ve built. It’s time — it’s time for me to take that risk.”

“Am I scared? I’m terrified,” she continued. “But if you really care about someone then you’re going to take that chance, a chance of love.”

But everything hasn’t been easy with Davidson and Ryan. She admitted during the show that Ryan had been texting multiple women throughout their relationship and that she slept with Ryan’s cousin, Harris after finding out that Ryan was talking to three other women.

“I threw Ryan out that night, and I was crying, and right after, his cousin, Harris, called me and I slept with his cousin,” Davidson said. “I would’ve never slept with his cousin had I not found, you know, all of those other texts and everything. I was so angry about a lot of things that night, and Harris is just such a loving person. He really, truly cared.”

Stephanie says she was abused

Fans often make fun of the cast of 90 Day Fiancé but when a fan page posted a meme about Davidson, she responded. The post, captured by ScreenRant, showed a book called Never Get Ghosted Again and joked that Davidson should read it. Davidson commented on the post.

“My new motto after this reality tv stuff…..ONLY believe half of what you see and hear!! #theycangof*ckthemselves #paymewhatyouoweme #careaboutyourcast #manipulatedbeyondbelief#seeyouincourt.”

When the poster commented about the hashtags that Davidson used, she responded.

“That’s right girl!! I love the hashtags!!!!” she wrote. “These clusterf*cks that work for this company are going to wish they never deceived me. I not only was raped while filming, but manipulated to keep filming after I begged to get off set after being bitten hundreds of times by sandflies.”


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“But no, they just needed a romantic dinner filmed with Ryan,” she continued. “I spend have [sic] my time in a hospital now hooked to IV’s for the inflammation from the allergic reactions I had. They are unwilling to pay all my medical expenses. My attorney started legal action today…stay tuned.”