’90 Day Fiancé’: Stephanie Matto Says ‘Being Pressured to Come out Because of a Show Sucks’

This season of 90 Day Fiancé showed a couple not only struggling to figure out of their long-distance relationship, but come out to their families. Stephanie Matto dated Erika Owens and hid this from her mother because she hadn’t come out as bisexual yet. Find out what the reality star had to say about pressured to come out because of the show.

Stephanie Matto struggled with coming out on ’90 Day Fiancé’

Stephanie Matto
Stephanie Matto | Instagram @stepankamatto

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The season started with Matto being in Yonkers, New York having a long distance relationship with Owens who lived in Australia. The content creator is bisexual and so is Owens, but she didn’t come out to her mother yet.

She flew to Australia to meet Owens, but told her mother that she was going to see a friend. “I’m just not ready for her to meet my mom yet,” Matto told her friends on the show. “My mom doesn’t know that I’m bisexual.”

The influencer added, “I’ve kept my bisexuality a secret from my family and most of my friends.” She admitted, “I’ve never felt brave enough to come out to my mom because she does have these grand ideas of me marrying a doctor or lawyer, a man above all else.”

Matto changed her mind about coming out through Skype

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Matto talked about finally telling her mother over Skype with Owens. However, it didn’t happen and she still claimed Owens was just her friend.

Owens, on the other hand, did come out to her parents with Matto at dinner. They were very accepting, but Matto and Owens’ relationship ended after they had a series of arguments.

Matto later explained what she was going through by being on the show. She also addressed not coming out over Skype.

She talked about being pressured to come out

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Matto talked about struggling to come out to her mother in her Instagram Story, according to Reality TV World. She addressed how the show put on the pressure for her to do it.

“Being pressured to come out because of a show sucks. And while I will say, the show’s producers really did try to make things easy on me, I knew my mom would see it eventually and that it was literally a ticking time bomb,” she wrote.

She added why she was hesitant to do it. “I knew the response I would get from her, and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to capture that for national TV or to do it in private. The apprehension was less about whether to come out or not and more so about HOW do I do it?” the reality star wrote.

Matto then explained, “Because to some degree, it’s a big f*cking deal, especially if your mother is a traditional eastern european woman who has always dreamt of you marrying some rich d**chebag.”

She added that she didn’t want her mom to be “pegged a homophobe” for her reaction. Matto also addressed her decision to not come out over Skype. “And I will be DAMNED if I come out to my mom via skype with someone who I haven’t even built a solid foundation with,” she wrote.

Matto and her mother are originally from the Czech Republic. Fans will have to continue watching this season to see if she’ll come out to her mom on the show.