’90 Day Fiancé’: Stephanie Matto Tells Fans Exactly How She Wants Them to Interact With Her

A celebrity’s life can be challenging. They always have to keep up with their fans while also going about their A-list status life. Some of the stars’ fans are diehards and have proven to go to extreme lengths for their favorite celebrities, including stalking the celebrities or tattooing themselves with their star’s faces or names.

90 Day Fiancé star Stephanie Matto has had her fair share of complicated fan encounters. While many of the show’s viewers didn’t like her behavior, Matto has proven that she has changed. She recently explained to the host on Strictly Stalking on how she would like her fans to treat her.

(L-R) Stephanie Matto and Daryn Carp smiling, sitting on separate couches
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Fans didn’t like Matto on ’90 Day Fiancé’

Although Matto was a well-known Youtuber with many followers and subscribers, the reality dating show 90 Day Fiancé shot her to instant fame. Matto was one-half of the first same-sex couple to appear alongside her then-girlfriend Erika Owens.

Their relationship got the attention of many viewers, and not in the right way. They were one of the most problematic couples on the show and were always having serious outbursts. The show’s fans frequently criticized Matto for her extreme jealousy toward her girlfriend.

When the couple parted ways, many of their fans leaned toward Erika’s side. Matto took to her YouTube channel to talk about her behavior on the show. The OnlyFans model said that she didn’t like who she was while on the show.

Matto reflected on her time on 90 Day Fiancé saying that she was in a dark place. The Youtuber noted that she watched the show from start to finish to see how she treated Erika from the viewers’ eyes. She admitted that she wasn’t her best self.

Matto is working on herself

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After realizing that her behavior on the show and toward her girlfriend Erika was uncalled for, Matto decided that she needed to change. The star acknowledged that her mental health should have been her significant concern instead of signing up for a reality show and the pressure that comes with that kind of life.

Matto revealed that she had weighed the pros and cons of her behavior and time on the TLC show and realized that she didn’t have many shining moments. She acknowledged that she was one of the most disliked people that season on the show.

Matto said that the amount of trolling she received during that time was too much for her and took a toll on her mental health. That whole experience was an eye-opener for Matto as it helped her realize that she could be stubborn and toxic and said that she wished she would’ve done things differently. Matto even said that she went to therapy to work on her behavior.

Matto has pointers for her fans on how she would like them to interact with her

Matto’s fame has, unfortunately, come with a heftier price for her to pay. Not only has she received insults and gotten trolled online, but she has also been the victim of a stalking experience. Matto is aware of her influencer life but wishes that her fans would respect her privacy.

The social media star went on the Strictly Stalking podcast available on Stitcher and detailed her experience with a stalker. The hosts asked Matto how she would like her fans to interact with her. The model replied that she wishes they would interact with her as their friend but not as someone they know personally.

Matto said that she would like her fans to place some boundaries with her. She also said that she wants people to like her, but in doing so, she ends up welcoming the wrong types of people in her life. Matto noted that she is comfortable with the female followers, but it’s the male ones she’s scared of.