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Fans have been making some pretty nasty comments about 90 Day Fiancé star Tim Malcolm lately. Oddly, they’ve been claiming he’s transgender, because according to them, he’s not manly enough. God forbid a man learn how to dress and groom properly. 

Tim Malcolm has since addressed the fans’ comments, but now Tarik Myers and Dean Hashim are throwing additional fuel on the fire. Meanwhile, Tim is dealing with disapproval from Jeniffer Taranoza’s father. 

Tim Malcolm addressed fan comments

90 Day Fiancé fans have been tearing into Tim Malcolm since his debut on the show. Fans seem to be particularly hung up on Malcolm’s grooming and mode of dress. They seem to insist that his behavior is “effeminate” and have been making remarks about Malcolm possibly being a trans man. 

Claims like these are offensive on their own, coming from a place that’s not very socially progressive. It’s not really anyone’s business whether or not anyone is transgender, and labeling feminine behavior as indicative of one’s possible transition is a harmful, stereotypical judgment to make.

Timothy Malcolm has since addressed the comments. A fan asked Malcolm why he behaves effeminately during an Instagram Q&A. Malcolm wasn’t impressed. “I have never had a problem having a girlfriend, so clearly there are some women who like men like me,” replied Malcolm.

He added, “Yes, I knew I would have haters. The transgender comments were not expected.” Malcolm went on to say that while he doesn’t consider himself feminine — a concept that’s becoming more and more outdated regardless — he does consider himself metrosexual. 

Tarik Myers and Dean Hashim insult Malcolm

During a recent episode of The Domenick Nati Show, Dean Hashim decided to perpetuate the rumors and judgments around Tim Malcolm’s behavior and trans people in general. 

“They way [Tim] crossed his legs, man, it don’t look like he got a pair of balls between ’em. I don’t know man, I can’t even cross my legs like that man, I’m blessed, you know what I mean? I can’t cross my legs like that. He crosses his legs more feminine than she do,” said Hashim. Ah yes, the fabricated complaint of every man who spreads his legs on the subway. 

Hashim went on to add, “Here’s what I’m thinking, cause look man, me and my brother was saying the other day, he was like, ‘Yo, I think that used to be a female that turned himself into a man. He trying to grow up here, you know. It ain’t ready, it ain’t fresh out the oven yet man. He can’t pull his pants down yet you know? I think what it is, when they get that sex change, they gotta give it time for that peter to grow, like a sprout.”

Jeniffer’s father is not impressed

Meanwhile, Hashim and Myers aren’t the only people unimpressed by Tim Malcolm. The 90 Day Fiancé star recently failed to leave a positive impression on Jeniffer Taranoza’s father. Malcolm worked with Jeniffer’s father on their farm, so he could see if Malcolm might be able to help run the business in the future. 

Suffice it to say, things did not go swimmingly. When Jeniffer asked her father what he thought of Malcolm, he said, “I think he’s a person that doesn’t learn things so fast.”

Taranoza said of Malcolm, “Well, he’s very lovely in many ways. To me, he seems responsible and interesting.”